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Wayne Jarret cut Youthman for Glen Brown in the late seventies.

Glen Brown was one of the first producers to cut versionswith different artists over the same riddimtrack. A strange habit, unique to reggae I think. Some say this is ripping off the record buying public, but this is because they don't know anything aboutthe music. You and I know it's great service to be able to first select your favourite riddim and thenchoose what style and type of lyrics you want on it!This will soon be common in any type of music, believe me. (Ok, ok, maybe I've said that for fifteen years, but it got to happen sooner or later... I think...)

Anyway, cutting 15 versions and releasing them at the same time is now the most common way to put a new riddim on the market. This is one reason forthe incredible abundance of talent in Jamaica. The cost of giving a unknown youth a break is very smallfor the producer since the riddimtrack is already there and paid, and a tune from a unknown artist won't compete with the bigger artists sales anyway.Usually it just boosts the riddim to have a lot of versions around.

But, while I'm at the subject, there are other reasonsfor this endless flow of new talent in Jamaica.The way reggae music works is ideal for finding talents.A singer or DJ start out at his local soundsystem. Grab the mike and kill a sound, as simple as that. At least his friends will find it amusing. All big artists has started out this way,some has been practising for years on small sounds.If he is talented he will perform on bigger sounds. Hisname will spread and he will start cutting dubplates.Some artist has been known to reggae audiences all overthe world at this stage thanks to yard tapes.At this stage no one has invested any money in the artistand no records has been released (and the artist hasn'tmade any money). If his dubplates are popular the artist gets at least two or three chances to put something sensational on vinyl and make an impact.No matter if you're unknown, if thetune is good enough it will get attention.This way the biggest talents emerge from a base of thousands and thousands of artist performing every weekend on local sounds.

Major labels work in a different way. They get 10 000 demotapes with three songs on each. Then they pick one, invest millions in a record, millions in a video and millions in promotion.Then they sit down and pray hard. No wonder 95 % flops and the rest is Madonna and Prince.

This version is Pinchers Darling Baby from his first LP Can't Take ThePressure. This is one of the most underrated and overlooked LP's from the eighties. I could go on for ever about it's merits but I think I'llspare you this time.

:-) Selecta

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Right Crucial P. The real name of this riddim is "wicked can't run away", 1st voiced on by glenroy richards. Since Glenroy was one of them that died in the green bay killings, they re-named it that after him

Comment by: Rico D Date: 2008-10-12

I just creamed my panties!!! I've been looking for who sing this Wicked Can't Run Away for years. Thanks Jamrid. I should have came to you in the first place!

Comment by: Ms. Juvy Date: 2008-09-24

ista wikd riddim dis!!! like dem tunes on have no favourite cant decide

Comment by: Selektah KB Date: 2008-04-22

Yes Rasta children.This riddim Heartical to the bone.Daddy Pinchas version sen shiva dung mi spinal column,from mi feet bottom right back to me crown,callin out,callin out Don Dada, caw mi know Pinchas still Bigga,an larger than nuff singers aroun town!So all amateur....."Reeeemove Yah,Rastafari!!!

Comment by: Date: 2008-03-13

I think it is possible to get hold of the LP Can't Take The Pressure if you search the Internet. ebreggae.com had it a while ago

Comment by: Date: 2007-12-11

Where can I find that track, Pinchers Darling Baby, Youthman Riddim

Comment by: Date: 2007-12-11


Comment by: PANTYY Date: 2007-08-27


Comment by: KILLAWAY SOUND Date: 2007-05-31

Wicked can't run away!

Comment by: Date: 2006-11-15

Yes Iyah selecta,

I have always argued with my friends about this riddim business. They say it kills the musik and origination. The truth is riddims and weeling out is a phenomenon of reggae musik and I would not want my reggae packaged in anyway. Reggae artists are extremely talented musicians. Arguably the reggae industry is the most competitive of any industry in the world. Juss checkout the output and the talent. Artists release two albums in one day, but hip and RNB artists struggle to put an album together.

Comment by: Sekurudread Date: 2006-09-22

The riddim is also known under the title "youthman", but it's originally a Glenn Brown instrumental "wicked can't run away". Sometimes also known as "green bay killing".

Comment by: Crucial P Date: 2006-07-20

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