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Sleng Teng

Much has been said about this riddim and it's original version by Wayne Smith. Digital music had been made in Jamaica for a while, but it didn't really getaccepted until Sleng Teng hit the charts. Check Prince Jazzbo productions from early eighties for pre Sleng Teng digi. (Horace Ferguson's Sensi Addictis a prime example). But Sleng Teng was the first "digi" riddim that hit big and it changed not only the soundbut the whole business. Studiotime and expensive musicians was no longerneeded to score big. This made way for a whole new generation of producers, musicians and performers.

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Wayne Smith
Song: Under Me Sleng Teng
Year: 1985
Label: Jammys

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Comments (latest first):

it sound nice

Comment by: Date: 2010-12-02

What about Pampidoo's 'New body rock' and Dave Barker's 'Run for cover' both on Striker Lee. Burro also did a new one called 'Ghetto living'

Comment by: swede tooth Date: 2010-12-02

ha ha this is turn me into a MAD MAN dis crazyyyyyyyyyy my boy

Comment by: bahama man71 Date: 2010-09-21

Greatest riddim of all time.Too may tunes on this to remeber, but standouts for me are Budy Bye by Johnny Osbourne and call the Police by John Wayne.

Comment by: Trev Date: 2010-01-27

Bounty Killer's "Lodge" is the greatest Sleng Teng song.


Comment by: Hyperhot J Date: 2009-02-13

Matador, matador !!!!!
Totalmente demais.Fiquem na liderança
Jah bless
Black Anjo.

Comment by: Date: 2008-05-23

eloncbpgx algpz tfhozy bxnzwutog gtlkonbc ftmrcwds cljwapv

Comment by: bjzwda dctvqfg Date: 2008-04-26

hey josemari hey josemari
deja la politica y
hazte rastafari

Viva la puta OPP!

Comment by: papi janeiro aka fruta selecterrr Date: 2008-01-03

Sublime uses this in Caress me Down.

Comment by: Date: 2007-12-10

iname dub LickShot sends chills in me spine

Comment by: daveypr@gmail.com Date: 2007-11-24


Comment by: Date: 2007-08-27


Comment by: Date: 2007-08-27

Wicked Riddim dis but Sick riddim will always be my top riddim, especially for dubplates

Comment by: Grumpy Date: 2007-07-08

What came first Sleng Teng by Wayne Smith or Under Mi Sensi by Barrington Levy?

Comment by: debbie Date: 2007-05-15

Wa Gwan Everybody At Jamrid, Nuff respect goin out to all seen, yo can some body hook me wup the SLENG TENG INSTRUMENTAL RIDDIM PLEASE


link up der..Dj EAZY

Comment by: Selectah EAZY Date: 2007-03-08

Wa Gwan Everybody At Jamrid, Nuff respect goin out to all seen, yo can some body hook me wup the SLENG TENG INSTRUMENTAL RIDDIM PLEASE


link up der..Dj EAZY

Comment by: Selectah EAZY Date: 2007-03-08

ebqkc vtzeoipwn ifbmwvl cvujqog ikfu cjunqyx iylk

Comment by: antosrz tkjzphui Date: 2007-01-18

ebqkc vtzeoipwn ifbmwvl cvujqog ikfu cjunqyx iylk

Comment by: antosrz tkjzphui Date: 2007-01-18

ebqkc vtzeoipwn ifbmwvl cvujqog ikfu cjunqyx iylk

Comment by: antosrz tkjzphui Date: 2007-01-18


Thas is Carl Meeks, Weh Dem Fah. Check the LP on Redman of the same name. That tune and 8 other - a digi classic!

Comment by: :-) Selecta Date: 2006-09-27

I am looking for a song with the sleng ting riddim. it goes laudi daudi daudi da daudi laudi daudi dey what dem for a what dem do ya them a warmonger

Comment by: Date: 2006-09-27

Intrumental of the 2005 recut from Jammys, njoy--- >

Comment by: MaagaBwoy Date: 2006-08-21

hey... any one can post?

well den, there are thousends, but here is my fav sleng teng, ninja ford overboard, jammys 95 relick/remix. Same as Jigsys Skin to Skin connection another wicke one. And Bountys Lodge... annyways:

Comment by: HenriA Date: 2006-08-21

Wayne Smith was the one who programmed it.

Comment by: Dre Date: 2006-08-19

The riddim was built at King Jammy's studio, it is a pattern built into the Casio MT-40 home keyboard!!!

Comment by: Date: 2006-07-03

I like the tune, but did you lot know how this riddim was created?

Forgotton who it was, but some guy was the first in JA with a synthesizer. He went to all the effort of running one of the keyboard's demos and recording it, and the Sleng Teng riddim was created!

Comment by: Date: 2006-06-24

barry g and david raddigan first buss this riddim in a clash on radio in the late 80's

Comment by: reds(ny) Date: 2006-04-23

im so glad they brought back this riddim.all those other riddims out there now cant compare to this

Comment by: adande Date: 2006-03-27

i lov dissya sound nicodemus is hot dis ya sound

Comment by: leacroft Date: 2006-03-04

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