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Studio One / Horace Andy original that has been frequently versioned since early seventies. Many recuts has been made, not only of the riddim, but also of theoriginal lyrics. Check Garnet Silk's exellent Steele & Clevie version. This is one of many good recuts of classic riddims from Barry O'hare/X-rated.

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Horace Andy
Song: Skylarking [1]
Year: 1972
Label: Studio One

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Comment by: freeden Date: 2010-12-05

enjoy sharing & spreading the muzik
title:crab wallking

bless !!!

Comment by: GENARAL IRIE Date: 2008-07-16

screw gon a north coast

Comment by: Date: 2008-06-05

'Got This Feeling' sounds much more like Babatunde/Created than Skylarking

Comment by: Date: 2008-04-13

who is this instrumental? is this "a better version" from king tubby?

Comment by: Date: 2007-12-19

This riddim just threw me in a zone, steady medi, sooo nice

Comment by: Cryzah Date: 2007-11-30

Babatunde is actually called "Created By The Father", a Dennis Brown original I think.

It's in jamrid under "Created..."

Comment by: Date: 2007-06-13


Comment by: Date: 2007-03-05

i agree with whoever thinks the jah cure tune was inspired by it...but i think his riddim was enough different

Comment by: Date: 2006-12-22

ghetto youths stop d bloodclcat skylarkin, try u best & find a job else 5 o will find u

Comment by: lukie3star Date: 2006-11-05

Jah Cure has another song on the Babatunde riddim: Spread Jah Love.

Comment by: Daan Date: 2006-10-04

Its mos def a different riddim: Bobo Tunde or something like that, found it on this site :-P

Comment by: Daan Date: 2006-10-04

Mmm...I think it's indeed 'evolved', or inspired by...what you think?

Comment by: Daan Date: 2006-10-04

Jah Cure - Got This Feeling
Capleton- Who I Am

you think it's the skylarking riddim?
or just based on?

Comment by: Daan Date: 2006-10-04

Love how jah cure jumped on this riddim on got this feeling.

Comment by: nae Date: 2006-04-16

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