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Shank I Sheck

Ol' time supm from way back when... Shank I Shenk, Bobby Ellis.This is from Luciano's Neighbourhood Watch for Jack Scorpio.

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Baba Brooks
Song: Shank I Sheck
Year: 1964

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Comment by: Date: 2010-05-19

where is the instrumental version we here on this website of shank i shek from????

Comment by: Date: 2008-09-27

share the muzik spread the muzik
title:rise tu meet JAH
rhythm:shank i sheck

bless !!!

Comment by: GENARAL IRIE Date: 2008-07-16

The bassline is Shank I Sheck. The horn is Death In The Arena. I would say that the bassline really makes a riddim.

Comment by: Run Itson Date: 2008-06-19

this is the greatest of them all , a real classic.

Comment by: RobinBird Date: 2008-02-22

Isn't this the Arena riddim playing?

Comment by: Slam Date: 2007-10-17

same b line as deat hin de arena

Comment by: Date: 2007-10-07

going to zion in the morning! - sugar minott , its so nice

Comment by: itsME! Date: 2006-07-20

bad ass riddim

Comment by: darel Date: 2006-05-19

listen to the band sixth revelation

Comment by: shzl Date: 2006-02-21

Named after a Chinese dictator Chiang Kai-Shek...

Comment by: Indra Date: 2006-01-31

i need the riddim of run man run., i got love to me

Comment by: carlos panamenian Date: 2006-01-17

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