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In the year of 1988 everybody was saying all sorts of nasty things about Mr. Isaacs, thinkinghe was deadstock. But little did they know that meanwile in the city ofKingston a man by the name of Gregory was cleaning his guns, sharpening hisknives and getting a new set of teeth. Lord ave mercy, you shoulda neva disdi don... Some people thought Mr. Isaacs was heading for oblivion, but he wasn't, he heading for Gussie Clark's new studio to voice the first tuneto be released from Music Works. And what a killer it was! Gregory dissinghis critics over a heavy high tech riddim that was just sensational! Twomonths later aproximetly 300 singles and 15 albums by Isaacs had been released.While being deadstock in oblivionsville Gregory had apperently been voicingcuts for every producer in the island, and everybody had been sitting on it,waiting for something to happen.The new high tech sound from Gussie Clark was to dominate at least theinternational reggae market for a couple of years. Many people thoughtthis would mark a comeback for reggae internationally, but strangely enoughit didn't. Considering his modern sound and the strength of his performers itshould have made some impact on the international market. But on the other hand, everybody can't have as good taste in music as youand I... ;-)

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Gregory Isaacs
Song: Rumours
Year: 1988
Label: Music Works

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Comment by: Date: 2009-11-02

this List Is Incomplete Where Is Little Kirk's All I Need to Know, Tullo T's Raggamufin , Captain Barkey Gun From 1990, This Rumours riddim album name Music Works Showcase '88 & The Gregory From Red Rose For Gregory.....

Comment by: Mouth Of The South Date: 2009-10-04

Nice riddim

Comment by: Date: 2009-08-27

3yp8esx50vmlr4y z3pvnss8w4mi0tyig 8dg4pn1jc43xn8p

Comment by: fkpeygs126 Date: 2008-10-31

74hjtjrynnic5y q12xja1lhq u4tw8o1u8m5a9x

Comment by: ap1fi381zu Date: 2008-10-03

"whats the tune that goes " i dont want to talk on the
telephone, girl i want you to come on home... your lips
as sweet as cheries, i can hear you clearly but oh my
darling i am lonely" something like that...im sure its
rumours riddim."

No you're wrong, that song is I"m Lonely by HOpeton
James on the Bye BYe Love rhythm. Very rare tune, I
have the full album though called "In the Mood".

Comment by: RIck D Date: 2008-09-20

whats the tune that goes " i dont want to talk on the
telephone, girl i want you to come on home... your lips
as sweet as cheries, i can hear you clearly but oh my
darling i am lonely" something like that...im sure its
rumours riddim.

Comment by: Date: 2008-08-04

title:telephone love
by:j.c lodge

bless !!!

Comment by: INGLISHyardi Date: 2008-07-17

title:rumours (of warr)

bless !!!

Comment by: INGLISHyardi Date: 2008-07-17

im after a song with ken booth [chioces] and hopeton lindo [lonley night] its like a mix with 2 songs in 1 can youfind out its a old old old songs try to get me the name plz thxs

Comment by: ammo Date: 2008-05-26

can you send me this tune plz cant get it from no were

Comment by: amo Date: 2008-05-09

are there two song to lonley nights if yes can you tell me yhe names plz thanks

Comment by: amo Date: 2008-05-09

aogzxdjqk tbyswvpn cqmjzsbai ylmszenr vwui ohlpufzm cafznet

Comment by: ngviqb dgzbitplo Date: 2008-03-27

i luv dis chune!!!

Comment by: Date: 2007-08-07

Big tunes also from Chevelle Franklin-Telephone Love >> I assume You mean J.C. Lodge.
The female DJ who did "Don't spread no rumours" (aka "Nuff Respect") is Lady G.

Comment by: Rrrrright Date: 2007-03-20

Wicked mellow riddim. Jus lovely!

Comment by: Lord jammie from Kenya Date: 2007-02-17

essence riddim
sizzla:don't be sad

Comment by: Date: 2007-02-02

lonely riddim : coco tea
Be Yourself

Comment by: layanna Date: 2007-02-02

Big tune and riddim from a big artist. What more proof is needed confirm that Greg Isaacs is the epitome of the Cool Ruler. Big tunes also from Chevelle Franklin-Telephone Love I can't recall the name of the female Djay who did, " don't spread no rumour, nuff respekt."
You should get the Dean fraser pressuring the sax on disa tune-wikid!!!!!!

Comment by: Sekurudread Date: 2006-09-22

hi, selecta
i am Felix ,a reedem fan en a rastafari.The salvation of jah and the message inspires me most.
the roumors reedim is good en congrats to coolruler the is a mesagein the reedem jah inspire him most (GI)
jah guidance to you

Comment by: felikabs@yahoo.com Date: 2006-06-13

What's the second sample? I need it!

Comment by: Jho Date: 2006-05-14

2 True!

Comment by: Don Julian Date: 2006-04-16


Comment by: kushkush Date: 2006-01-17

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