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Rougher Yet

Yet another Studio One original ... this onefirst recorded by Slim Smith. As I don't knowmuch about this riddim besides that I reallylove it, here's a list of the cuts I can remember and have at my hands. Let the names of allthose famous artists and producers speak for themselves and for the quality of this riddim:

Slim Smith "Rougher Yet", Sudio One, if you don't have it, you will have to go for the "Born to Love" CD on Heartbeat, it's not included on any other Slim Smith CD. I thinkthe recording is from 1970, but I'm not sure.

Yellowman "Wrong Girl To Play With"Josey Wales "Sorry To Say"From Yellowman / Josey Wales "Two Giants Clash"on Greensleeves, Junjo production. I rate thisclash a 4:1 in favor of Josey, it's thisriddim where Yellowman makes his (single) point.

Peter Metro "Seems To Me" from the "Peter Metroand Friends" album, 1984, Clive Jarrett productionwith Sly & Robbie.

Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter "Confusion" and"Poor Man" from the rather obscure "Murderer - Toyan with Tipper Lee & Johnny Slaughter" album.Unusual too that there are 2 cuts of the sameriddim on one album by the same artist.Jah Thomas production.

Lone Ranger "Love Bump" (what is this guytalking abou?!) "Collections" CD, prod. byHyman "Life" Wright.

Admiral Tibet "Curfew"Sister Verna "Island Over-Populated"Carl Meeks "We Need Love"Daddy Lilly "Shocking Shocking"All 4 are early digi-cuts (1986?) by GeorgeLemon on Photographer from the album"Photographer in a Dance Hall".

Scotty (?) "No Test We", King Jammy's cutfrom his "Dub Plates Vol. 1"

Terry Ganzie "Jingling" from around 1991.

Admiral Tibet "Nah Sleep A Jail House",Morris Johnson for Black Scorpio, e.g. on"Total Recall 9" (I love this VP series!)

Tenor Saw "Shirley Jones" on the fever album,plus the "Surely Dub" (CD bonus), where the riddim loop is from. Produced either byPeter Chemist or by Sugar Minott or by bothof them or by one of their uncles or nephews;boy, I hate incomplete liner notes when I haveto impress you folks with pure facts ...

Wayne Wade "Don't Expect Me To Be Your Friend",Willie Lindo production from 92/93, what abeautifull song!

And a dub version with a killer bass can be found on "King Tubby's meet Scientist in a world of Dub" on Burning Sounds.

Hey, can't find Striker Lee?!

Pupa Vlado

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Slim Smith
Song: Rougher Yet
Label: Studio One

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Comments (latest first):

Reggie Stepper has a version called 'Commanding wife' on Techniques.

Comment by: swede tooth Date: 2010-12-02

The Silvertones have a version called 'Joke was on me'on studio 1.

Comment by: swede tooth Date: 2010-12-02

Yellowman :- Morning Ride.

Comment by: Ras_Raver_J. Date: 2009-10-16

aka Love Bump riddim

Comment by: Date: 2009-06-25

Please Don't forget "So Long Rastafari Calling" on a heavy roots version of the riddim

Comment by: Dj Doobs Date: 2008-02-19

Hey!! hey!! hey!! dont you forget "lyrically rough" from terror fabulous!!
for me is the best and positive vibes song!!

Comment by: Fruta Selecter-Daddy Janeiro Date: 2007-12-18

Hey!! hey!! hey!! dont you forget "lyrically rough" from terror fabulous!!
for me is the best and positive vibes song!!

Comment by: Date: 2007-12-18

Sanchez - Missing you

Comment by: Date: 2007-04-13

i think this riddim is often called love bump riddim .. thats how most people know it

Comment by: Date: 2007-02-04

give me the morning ride, give me the morning ride! - king yellowman pon the riddim. Lovely

Comment by: itsME! Date: 2006-07-20

If you really don't know what "Love Bump" is talking about it's...uhm...V.D. (veneral Disease)

Comment by: Iman Date: 2006-02-04

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Anthony MalvoHoney LoveRougher Yet1993King Jammy
Anthony MalvoHoney LoveRougher Yet
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Carlton LivingstonMr. D.J. [2]Rougher Yet1990/91Carlton Barrett & Mr DooMr Doo
Carlton LivingstonPlay This Song For MeRougher YetU-Brown
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Colin Roach & Jennifer LaraNo PainRougher Yet
Collin Roach & Jenniffer LaraNo PainRougher Yet1993King JammyJammys
Daddy LillyShocking ShockingRougher Yet1986George LemonPhotographer
Dennis BrownSharing The NightRougher Yet1993King Jammy
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Don CampbellSee It In Your EyesRougher Yet1994Trevor T
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Garnet SilkOh Me Oh MyRougher Yet1992Main Street
Garnet SilkOh Me Oh MyRougher Yet
Garnet SilkOh me oh myRougher yetD.BrowneVP
Garnet SilkOh Me Oh MyRougher YetMain Street
Garnett SilkGave You EverythingRougher Yet
Garnett SilkOh Me Oh MyRougher Yet
General DegreeThat TingRougher YetMain Street
General TkRuff & TuffRougher Yet
General TKRuff & tuffRougher yetJohn JohnVP
General TKRuff And TuffRougher Yet1993John John
Glen WashingtonConsider MeRougher Yet2000
Gregory IsaacsIncomparable LoverRougher Yet1994Mister Doo & Robert Livingston
Gregory IsaacsStop What You DoingRougher Yet1994Clive Hunt
Half PintDeliver UsRougher Yet
Horace AndyRude BoyRougher YetMaurice JohnsonBlack Scorpio
Ijahman LeviLet's Get EclipseRougher YetJahmani
Ijahman LeviLet's get eclipseRougher yetT.SutherlandJahmani
Jah ThomasLondon SkankRougher Yet
Jay TeesCome To Me (12'')Rougher Yet1981C S DoddStudio One
JayteesCome to meRougher yetDodd, C.S.Studio one
Jigsy KingNever Back OutRougher Yet1993John John
Jigsy KingNever Back OutRougher Yet
Jigsy KingNever back outRougher yet1995John JohnVP
Jimmy RileyRougher YetRougher YetHeavy Beat
Jimmy RileyRougher YetRougher YetLove Promotions
Johnny RingoChannel PosseRougher Yet~1982Winston 'Niney' Holness
Josey WalesSorry To SayRougher Yet1984Henry 'Junjo' LawesVolcano
Kashief LindoFirst CutRougher Yet
King EveraldBad BoyRougher Yet1986Parish
Leroy SmartBody Is Here With MeRougher Yet1993Bobby 'Digital' Dixon
Linval ThompsonGive Thanks And PraiseRougher Yet1980Linval Thompson & Brad Osbourne
Linval ThompsonLove You Black LadyRougher Yet1984Colin 'Lip' Oldham
Lone RangerLove Bump (12 inch)Rougher YetC S DoddStudio One
Lone RangerLove Bump [1]Rougher YetC S DoddStudio One
Lone RangerLove Bump [2]Rougher YetHyman 'Life' Wright
Malvo, AnthonyHoney loveRougher yetJammyVP
Mikey DreadBreak Down The WallsRougher Yet?1980Mikey Dread
Mikey GeneralYou Wrong Fe Trouble The DonRougher Yet?1986Gussie P
NicodemusChurch On SundayRougher Yet1982King Jammy
Pan HeadLove The People WantRougher Yet1993King Jammy
Pan HeadLove The People WantRougher Yet
Pan HeadLove the people wantRougher yetVP
Peter MetroSeems To MeRougher Yet1984Clive Jarrett
PinchersCall Upon Mi GodRougher Yet1993King Jammy
PinchersCall Upon Mi GodRougher Yet
PinchersCall upon mi GodRougher yet2000Pottinger, D.VP
PinchersCall Upon Mi GodRougher YetJammys
PresleyLadder Of SuccessRougher YetNoel BrownNew Name Muzik
Prince, AngelaYou're fool boyRougher yet1981Dodd, C.S.Studio one
Red Rose AnthonyGot To Be HearticalRougher Yet
Red Rose, AnthonyGot to be hearticalRougher yetJammyVP
Riley, JimmyRougher yetRougher yet1994Heavy beat
Roach, ColinNo PainRougher yet1995JammyVP
Roy Burrowes & Charles DavisMt. Zion RockRougher YetC S DoddStudio One
SanchezEverytimeRougher Yet
SanchezFor YouRougher Yet
SanchezFor youRougher yet1994H. Mc- LartyVP
SanchezFor You [2]Rougher Yet1998Stone Love
SanchezHonourableRougher yet1993Dixon, B.VP
SanchezI'm Missing YouRougher Yet1992Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
SanchezMissing You NowRougher Yet
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