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MP3 file:


Rae Rae

Not as big as expected from the Dave Kelly camp, yet a niceriddim. Wayne Wonder, who's voice this is, is just getting bigger and bigger. He's smart enoughto stick to a few producers, mainly Donovan Geramin and Dave Kelly, and he'scurrently dropping a killer vocal on every important riddim on the island. If youhaven't checked his Original Boomshell CD it's about time. If you like thisWW version of Rae Rae or his Joyride versions Bashment Girl (se the joyrideentry on this site) and Joyride (yes, the original) I guarantee you'll like the CD. I guess a new CD release is in the tube since Original.. is a fewyears old.

There are cut on this riddim from Lady Saw, Frisco Kid, Sparagga Benz and a few more bot non are really a killer.


:-) Selecta

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Rae Rae Riddim a mi favorite riddim, whenever, wherever mi hear it, mi a go crazy...
Respect The BOSS Dave Kelly and it work, and of course The Mad House Crew.
Respect French Guyana.

Comment by: Psychopathe973 Date: 2008-05-03

cyaan believe dis yah riddim get put up as a riddim fi '97 an di man leff out Fig Leaf riddim!

Red Rat muardah dem wid Dwayne pon dat riddim.

Selectah - wheel up yah tune. Run Fig Leaf.

Comment by: Date: 2008-01-18

this ridim was tuff

Comment by: Date: 2006-05-01

I love this riddim! It makes everyone wanna whine up and break free [especially me].

Comment by: Shottess Date: 2006-04-16

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