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Promised Land

Also known as: Love Fire

I can hear you complaining: "Where is the horns?" Well, since the melody isringing in your head by now anyway, I didn't think it was important...

OK, OK I'll see if i can find a better version. This is Fatis, Sly Dunbar and Luciano fromhis tune Raggamuffin. Check his One Way Ticket set for Fatis. It is far more interesting than his latest "heading for the international market" styled albums.


:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Aswad
Song: Love Fire

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Comments (latest first):

Nice riddim

Comment by: Date: 2009-01-31


Comment by: Riddim Date: 2008-11-17

enjoy (the horns)
title:dub fire ??? (version)
rhythm:promised land

bless !!!

Comment by: INGLISHyardi Date: 2008-07-17

a very moving riddim, jus mek yuh wanna sit back unda tree an breeze

Comment by: nickatone Date: 2007-05-21


Dennis Browns track....

Comment by: Cliffad Date: 2007-02-23

Dennis Brown's vocals for "Promised Land" cut at the height of his powers for the album "Revolution" will knock you out. Crown Prince in full effect!

Comment by: BigIslandRoots Date: 2006-12-04

puts a smile on my face knowing aswad did this hea... i got the sizzla track... hawd boom!

Comment by: Mega Bron$ 808 Date: 2006-08-20

Big Big riddim!

Comment by: Messenjah I Date: 2006-07-16

also a version of promised land released from rookie label...chune like..."mom's got a kinky daughter she nuh know" de riddim sounds nuttin like promised land...steupsss

Comment by: soul_jahz_united Date: 2006-04-08

wicked tune.....roots man....

Comment by: s.rowe Date: 2006-03-16

You'll find the horns on Aswad's new Chapter of Dub

Comment by: Date: 2006-03-16

Originaly by Aswad as Love Fire they cut promise land with Dennis Brown on his return from Ethiopa

Comment by: Date: 2006-03-16

The proper name for this riddim is love Fire which is one of the first British riddims to enter the Ja dancehall riddim hall of fame

Comment by: Date: 2006-03-16

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Al CampbellThe Power / Basque Dub Foundation - Melodica FireAswad/Dennis Brown - Promised Land2004Heartical
Anthony BStop Curfew / Pinchers - HeathenAswad/Dennis Brown - Promised Land2001Reggae Central
CapletonWords Of MindAswad/Dennis Brown - Promised Land2001Reggae Central
LucianoMust Ragga MuffinAswad/Dennis Brown - Promised Land1994Xterminator
LucianoShould I Slumber / Current Man - Meant To BeAswad/Dennis Brown - Promised Land2001Reggae Central
LucianoTime Will Tell / Basque Dub Foundation - Melodica FireAswad/Dennis Brown - Promised Land2004Heartical
Michael RoseFreedom Train / Jah Mason - High GradeAswad/Dennis Brown - Promised Land2001Reggae Central
PinchersWork For The King / Basque Dub Foundation - Melodica FireAswad/Dennis Brown - Promised Land2004Heartical
SizzlaCatch The Place A FireAswad/Dennis Brown - Promised Land2001Reggae Central
Sugar MinottProphecy / Original Uman - La Danse Du SerpentAswad/Dennis Brown - Promised Land2004Heartical
Anthony BOh My LordPromised LandBlack Scorpio Junior
Anthony BRude Bwoy ThingPromised LandBarry U
Anthony BStop CurfewPromised Land2001Reggae Central
Anthony BStop curfewPromised land2001Halsall,Reggae central
Anthony BStop CurfewPromised LandReggae Central
Anthony MalvoCan You Stop The RainPromised LandBobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
Anthony RedroseAssasinationPromised LandA TyrellRookie
Anthony RedroseNot WorthyPromised Land~1992/93Maurice JohnsonBlack Scorpio
AswadDub FirePromised Land
AswadDub firePromised land1982Campbell, M.Mango
AswadLove FirePromised Lando
AswadLove Fire (Live)Promised Land
Campbell, AlThe PowerPromised land2004Maricomez, S.Heartical
CapletonWords Of MindPromised Land2001Reggae Central
CapletonWords of mindPromised land2001Halsall,Reggae central
CapletonWords Of MindPromised LandReggae Central
Chaka DemusGet Up, Stand UpPromised Land
ChinaLove JahPromised LandP BarrettBarry U
Current ManMeant To BePromised Land2001Reggae Central
Current ManMent To BePromised Land2001Reggae Central
Current ManMent to bePromised land2001Halsall,Reggae central
Daniki & Steady RanksHeart Beat BloodPromised Land~1992/93Maurice JohnsonBlack Scorpio
Dean Fraser & The JokerThe AuditionPromised LandRookie
Dennis BrownPromised LandPromised LandiDennis Brown
Dennis BrownPromised LandPromised LandStriker Lee
Dennis BrownPromised Land (Live)Promised Land
Dennis Brown & AswadPromised Land (12 inch)Promised LandDennis Brown
Don YuteKinky DaughterPromised LandA TyrellRookie
Frankie PaulPromised LandPromised Land
Fraser, DeanThe auditionPromised land2001Tyrell, A.Rookie
Fraser, DeanThe AuditionPromised land2001Tyrell, A.Rookie
Garnet SilkA Lot More ComingPromised LandConquering
Garnet SilkA lot more comingPromised landDUBPLATEConquering
Garnet SilkBehold ( Psalm 23 )Promised LandConquering
Garnet SilkBehold ( Psalm 23 )Promised landDUBPLATEConquering
Garnet SilkKeep Them TalkingPromised Land~1990-93Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
Garnet SilkKeep Them TalkingPromised Land
Garnet SilkKeep them talkingPromised landDixon, B.VP
Garnett SilkKeep Them TalkingPromised Land
Garry MinottAre U ReadyPromised LandA TyrellRookie
George NooksGeneralPromised LandP BarrettBarry U
George NooksPromise LandPromised LandBarry U
Glen RicksHow Can I ForgetPromised LandPhilip 'Fattis' BurrellXterminator
Glen WashingtonLet Jah Be Praised EverydayPromised LandRuff Cut
Gregory IsaacsCan't Get You Off My MindPromised Land1992Philip 'Fattis' BurrellXterminator
Gregory IsaacsLove DegreePromised LandTrevor 'Uncle T' JamesUncle T
GringoJah RastafariPromised Land~1992/93Maurice JohnsonBlack Scorpio
Jah MasonHigh GradePromised Land
Jah MasonHigh GradePromised LandReggae Central
Jah MasonHigh GradePromised Land2001Reggae Central
Junior Reid & Foger Frames & Iya ThunderSoldier Deh Pon Yuh GaardPromised Land1995Junior ReidJ R Production
LucianoMust RagamuffinPromised Land1994Philip 'Fattis' BurrellXterminator
LucianoMust RaggamuffinPromised land1994Burrell, P.Xterminator
LucianoMust RaggamuffinPromised LandXterminator
LucianoShould I slumbeerPromised land2001Halsall,Reggae central
LucianoShould I SlumberPromised Land2001Reggae Central
LucianoShould I SlumberPromised LandReggae Central
Minott, SugarProphecyPromised land2004Maricomez, S.Heartical
Mykal RozeFreedom TrainPromised Land
Original UmanLa Danse Du SerpentPromised Land2004Heartical
PinchersHeathenPromised Land2001Reggae Central
PinchersHeathenPromised land2001Halsall, M.Reggae central
PinchersHeathenPromised Land2001Reggae Central
PinchersWork For The KingPromised LandHeartical (FR)
Py CeralLove And DevotionPromised LandA TyrellRookie
SanchezLove Is A Funny FeelingPromised LandExterminator
SanchezLove is a funny feelingPromised land1993Burrell, P.Xterminator
Shabba RanksBad And WickedPromised Land1990-92Bobby 'Digital' DixonDigital B
SizzlaCatch the place a firePromised land2001Halsall,Reggae central
SizzlaCatch The Place A FirePromised LandReggae Central
SizzlaGet The Place On Fire (=Catch The Place A Fire)Promised Land2001Reggae Central
SluggyComing Of The LordPromised LandP BarrettBarry U
Spragga BenzBad ManPromised LandA TyrellRookie
Spragga BenzBad ManPromised LandRookie
Steevy DreadRealityPromised Land
Tanya StephensNo More LiesPromised Land1994Philip 'Fattis' BurrellXterminator
TigerTom The PeeperPromised LandPhilip 'Fattis' BurrellXterminator
Tippa IrieVexPromised land
Tony RebelReal RullPromised LandPhilip 'Fattis' BurrellXterminator
Washington, GlenLet Jah be praised everydayPromised land1999Hibbert, O.Ruff cut
[Dub]Love Degree VersionPromised LandTrevor 'Uncle T' JamesUncle T
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