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Hottest riddim and hottest style at the moment(sept -97).
Nuff cuts of this riddim from Shocking Vibes who rules the raggascene with riddim after riddim. Cuts to look out for are Beenie'sPure War, Devonte's Di Flex (cool style, see also the Cloak and Dagger entry), Little Kirk's Girls (does anybody remeber his GhettoPeople Broke and Screechie 'Cross The Border hits from his child roots stardays? Girls is not that strong. He has regained some roots cred lately, but there will be no more Screechie 'Cross The Border it seems).This is may favourite cut, Richie Stephens goes Pavarotti and takessome time out to serenade his dinner. (It's because of things like this I love Jamaican music. Could you imagine a rap star do a thing like this whithoutmaking a total fool of himself? The tuffest yardie can do it and stillcome across like someone who wouldn't hesistat to rob his grandma of her goldteeth. Eat your heart out Ice Cube).

Selecta sept/97

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

it madd

Comment by: Date: 2008-09-02

really hype riddim ghost blast it !!!

Comment by: Kejinsan Date: 2008-03-03

Yeah these riddim from back in the late 90's was the real riddims they useto soun like they actually spend time makin it

Comment by: sirQ Date: 2007-02-19

dis ah wicked riddim staar. 98 was ah good year..
$eN$i from Trini sey so.

Comment by: sensi Date: 2006-10-11

WEll dancehall has to evolve otherwise it will jus sound repetitive like dat reggaeton ting

Comment by: JerseyRep Date: 2006-08-01

tell me about it!!!! for a long time after 1998 i started backing away from dancehall because these Poompoom heads decided they wanted to be rappers. how comes theres no section on pre-2000 riddims, i gotta do a search for all that

Comment by: saskel Date: 2006-07-01

When you listening to a riddim like this and listen to what they call dancehall today whit the crap vibzecartel be singing well you can tell
there was a revolution in the music.

Comment by: babyface Date: 2006-05-07

this riddim was tuff

Comment by: Date: 2006-05-01

I hate the new riddims. They sound like pum pum juice. I love the Bellyas!

Comment by: Shottess Date: 2006-04-16

Another great riddim, why arent riddims made more like the mid 90's the new ones have to much claps and not enuff bass

Comment by: clarkeant Date: 2006-03-31

love dis riddim to death!!!

Comment by: ziggysjammin Date: 2006-02-19

best riddim ever

Comment by: mchenley Date: 2006-02-15

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