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Somtetimes called Alms House after Capletons tune.It defenetly was a strong contender to the most popular riddim of the year in -93. Fatis Burrelof Xterminator productions made cuts with almost every hotartist he could find. Considering the strength of the raggariddims that has emerged the latter part of the ninties, I'm sure youagree it's rather pale.


:-) Selecta

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Este beat lo usó Playero también cualkier tiempo

Comment by: Date: 2007-09-17

BAD TUNE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by: Date: 2007-03-13

hey brother . i want listen the track listen to me, stuck, turbo me turbo, stop, vanity, i be got to me, bad sandokan, grammar, kubazo, dem rups, i like re dancehall , 1985 - 1986-1987-1992. pretty good man.

my email is damiancads@yahoo.com, i am panamenian and dj , i live in usa. i have colection of reggae foxy brown virginia jail, shaka demus laptop. hey reggae music is my life..

Comment by: Cads Date: 2006-02-21

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