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Recut of Owen Gray's Lecturer (I think it's also known as Teasing) with Buju on it. Jungle To Backawall was a modest hit. Sizzla/Anthony B typa lyrics and delivery. Nah...If you like Buju, check his Run Deh Place7" for his own Gargamel label, released at the same time. Nice riddim though.

Selecta dec/97

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Jo Jo Bennett
Song: The Lecturer

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Comments (latest first):

another good chune on the same version of the sugar minott song is inna mi life by jim brown hard chunes!!!!

Comment by: Date: 2008-09-28

title:dancehall wi deh

bless !!!

Comment by: GENARAL IRIE Date: 2008-07-16

title:what does it take

bless !!!

Comment by: GENARAL IRIE Date: 2008-07-16

2 me buju run dis on da jungle backa wall ma top shatta nziyo inondifungidza chegaz chegutu hotel major E
BO!! BO!! BO!!

Kwahi Amaiwe

Comment by: Selektah KB Zimbabwe Date: 2008-05-07

hey i luv ur songs they are so good oh my god i am listening to one righ now so sad that u are dead u should not keep guns in ur house then maybe u would not of died bye but u are the best still

artist morgen hertiage
song tell me how come

Comment by: coco Date: 2006-12-23

hey i luv ur songs they are so good oh my god i am listening to one righ now so sad that u are dead u should not keep guns in ur house then maybe u would not of died bye but u are the best still

artist morgen hertiage
song tell me how come

Comment by: coco Date: 2006-12-23

"Yes we get stronger/jah give us the power to conquer/........the mountain is high but we get over/.
Dem lyrics + the LECTURER bassline is what makes that Anthony B tune a killah of a cut.
Respect to the rest of the artist coz they rode that riddim like it was the last.

My fav riddim ever.

elisha (Zimbabwe)

Comment by: Date: 2006-12-04

Heavy heavy riddim...ove the Athony B cut
Eisha innna Zimbabwe

Comment by: Date: 2006-11-02

Wicked riddim, feel like sharing one of my favorites

Comment by: Ranking S Date: 2006-08-07

yes now. finally i have found the riddim i have been looking for!

jah will never let us down, promises, bowl them, pick and choose, babylon brutallity,

these tracks have been huge inspiration to me and my brothrens.. respect

Comment by: Cooper Date: 2006-06-28

one love has some wicked chunes on this riddim

Comment by: RAKAN Date: 2006-05-29

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