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Kette Drum

Things change fast. Dreads, reality lyrics and riddims like this one and Burning Bush (Anthony B's Rome) are back.

Kette Drum is a Digital B riddim, this is Bounty Killers Seek God. (Don't miss Bounty Killer if you have a chance to se him live. I saw him in mars -87 with Ruff Cut Band. Stunning!!!!)

Selecta may/97

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Beenie Man & Determine
Song: Kette Drum
Year: 1995
Label: Digital B

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Comments (latest first):

spragga benz' rocked kette drum the best. h is lyrics to "how long" was smoking. where can i get a copy of that. any know e-mail me at


Comment by: Date: 2008-10-02

I rememba wen i was younga my parents had parties b. when they play this riddim it would put me to sleep all the time..In a good way becuz these tunes with the riddim was relaxing like la la by's

Comment by: Marlon Shabba - u think u have it all but u nuh have it atalllll Date: 2008-02-14

Cocoa Teas track on this riddim is uplifting!!

Comment by: Cliifad Date: 2007-02-22

im in my mid 20s now but i remember in high school arguing with my friends about the name of the riddim - i told dem it was KETTE drum and not KETTLE drum lol but they did not want to believe me.. i had to go and do some research to show them that the kette was some kinda african instument or someting like dat i dont remember ... but maddddd riddim anyway - beenie & determine and the bounty & junior reid are simply classic

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-15

Fook me brudda....me trippin....disshit iz da biznizz...danke schoen...bis morgen...tchuss...

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-06

This is my #1 riddim. This riddim got me on the culture music.

Comment by: niekka Date: 2006-06-09

I man, love this riddim ya. Nuff style he a buss.

Comment by: Sensi Date: 2006-04-16

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