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Cardiac Strings

When all is said and done, there is only one truly unique artist in Jamaica, and that is Jah Cure. Others will come and go, but in 20 years people will still get gose bumps from the new Jah Cure tune (or hearing one of his old tunes again). He is Beres, Dennis Brown caliber. People know quality when they se it, and Jah Cure is one of the few JA artist that can sell out a venue just about anywhere in the world.

And I like that he records relatively little. If you are going for a life long career as an artist you need to keep your fans hungry. The music industry pre Internet knew all about this. Years of experience showed that the optimal way to keep an artists career going was an album every 2-3, one or two single releases prior to the album, a promotion tour for the album to give interviews and then followed by a tour, then 1-2 of silence and then the whole thing over again. The music industry looked at this as the most cost effective and profitable way to manage artist and their music.

The side effect of this was the not able to spread their talents as thin as most artists does today and where able to produce quality material over a much longer period of time. They had the luxury of throwing the sub quality material away and only keep the best.

Another side effect was that as a rule of thumb most artists actually ended their careers with hugely flopping albums. Not only one, but often two, as the record companies didn’t want to let go of the investments until they knew they had gotten all that was possible out of it.

This “keep the fans hungry” approach is what Beres Hammond has all of his career, I can guarantee you this is not a coincidence.. It is certainly working! I think quality artist like Jah Cure do understand the above (especially since I’m sure Beres have explained this to him) and tries to stick to it. But it’s of course difficult in today’s world with so little money coming in from record sales.… a man have to make a living too…

Speaking of that… although I love this song, it wasn’t really the hit we are used to from Jah Cure. It would have benefited his career not to have recorded this song. Sounds like to many Cure Songs before it. Still it is nice, but not up to the usual Jah Cure standard.

Nuff good tunes on this riddim, with great tunes from Alaine, Tarrus Reily and the biggest hit on this riddim, Chris Martins Chaters Prayer. (Check the video for this one. Funny last seconds (don’t cheat though, look at the full video, the song is worth it.). Bubble Gum was another popular riddim in the same style, check that if you like this.

:-) Selecta

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