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The Message

An other of those swooping one drops Coreleone specializes in. Very popular, there is a lot of people that love this style. I must admit I’m not able to tell these Corelone riddims apart, it could be one and the same riddim as far as I’m concerned. But that doesn’t mean it’s unpleasant. Quite contrary, ”pleasant” is probably the exact right work do describe this music. If that’s a positive or negative is up to the listener to decide I guess…

I think I’d like Corelones music better if he just chose performers with a little more variation and edge. Jah Cure on riddim like this immediately turn them from ”pleasant” to spine chilling. But it seems this is how Corleone wants it, artists like Jah Vinci, Richie Spice and Kimany Marely usually adds far more flavor to their tunes the what they do over this riddim. Instructions and production in combination, apparently. But all these smooth vocals and the elevator music style riddim… it does nothing for me.

Vital, a new name to me, is the only artist that sounds a little bit different. Not much, but that tune… yes, it works. The included version. Has a Nanko flavor to it.

If you like this, also check out the Broken Hearts riddim (also Corelone), Think Twice, Love Salute and Antique riddims of 2011, all these are similar in style.

All and all, riddims like these makes me miss the golden years of nu-one drops, 2004-2006… Riddims like I Swear, Hard Times, Drop Leaf (2004), Seasons, Sweet Sop, Cry Baby, State Of Emergency, Lion Paw, Rose Apple (2005), Street Swing, Wash Belly, HEavenly (2006). HUUGE riddims at the time and eternal classics. They are all here in jamrid, If you like this riddim check these out, and all their fantastic versions. You will love it!

Corelone also did a great modern riddim called Jericho, check it out. Big tunes on that one!

If you like this perhaps you should check out the Hollie Cook album. That’s has a little more traditional Studio one feel to it, but most likely its something for you. Lot of people find that to be album of the year, and it is very nice indeed.

For thsose of you that like classic reggae there are also tribute albums of Isaacs and Beres Hammond tunes. The Isaacs album illustrates that a lot of the magic in Issacs tunes was down to the cool ruler himself, not to the lyrics or the tunes. My guess is that none of these versions would have been a hit at the time. The Beres album is just a straight recap of the original tunes, allthough without the presence an nerve that is Beres speciality. Obviosly stronger tunes then te isaacs ones, but hhow can you do them better the Beres? Especially if you try to imitate Beres? To me it's alwys been a mistery why, if you cover a tune, pick a huge hit and then do it in teh xact sam mannner as the original? The tune probably was a big hit in the first place because of the way it was performed, and then what are the chances you will do it better? Nah, the right aproch would probably to try to find tunes that are strong in melody and lyrics but was not so successful because of the performance and then try to it better. Or with a style tha is distinctly you own. A perfect is Shinehead O'Connors recut of a set of old roots tunes from a few years back. Israel Vibration and Burning Spear tunes suddenly got a new life and different life. Wonderful!

:-) Selecta

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