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Summer Time

I say Popcaans Ravin was tune of the year. he riddim was Summer Time.

The Kartel song is extra stuuupid even with dancehall standards, which certainly a considerable accomplishment! Accompanied with a video that is one of the most low budget things I’ve ever seen. But second to the Popcaan on the same riddim it was probably the most popular tune of the year.

But the Popcaan tune is is nice, rate that! But both where huge hits, top 10 tunes of the year easily, with highly infectious hooks, so…

Released In May/June, it was perhaps a little late to pick up as a international crossover summer hit, but actually I wouldn’t be surprised if this turned out to be an international hits next summer. And I’ve been right about these things before, so who knows...

Riddim built buy a Swede, Andreas ”Adde” Nilsson, perhaps that’s the reason is not very Yardish, and perhaps this was the reason it was a hit - different in the ears of the dancehall massive. Although not my type of riddim, I have to admit it was a very cleverly built riddim, a little more …hmmm… sophisticated…then the usual JA riddim.

:-) Selecta

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