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Street Swag

More Da Genious. Lightweight riddims like this is not my style, but this was very popular. Laden, Movado, Sining Sweet, Suhverto but most of all T'nez are the take aways on this riddim. This is the T'nez cut.

To me T’nez is the only one of the emerging singers that really feals like he has the potential for stardome. Love his style and pretty much all of his tunes. Gonna be interesting to follow him. Bright future for him probably.

Not so bright future for another star though… what is Buju doing? Can anyone understand that thing?! Why would a successful international artist that probably make decent money get involved in industry level drug dealing? I heard Buju charges 700 USD for a dubplate, sounds like that’s a lot easier way to make money then selling coke.

Again, the whole thing is a mystery from start to finish. If he somehow was lured into investing money in drugs and if he was incredibly naive, that may be understandable. But if he deliberately entered that business to make money… with all that he had to loose?? I’ve never heard anything like it!

My understanding is that an infromatn working for the US government met Buju on a flight from Spain to Miami at the end of his European tour. Buju’s team argues that the informant raised the idea of cocaine dealing with Buju, something he had never considered before. There is no doubt that Buju was in fact involved, that that is proven. Question is, I guess, if how “provoked” he was to commit the crime. What Buju’s team was trying to show was that the informant talked him into it.

Seems the strategy didn’t work. To jail he went and it will be years before he is out.

:-) Selecta

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