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Gangsta City

Yawn... booooring. But ok, the riddim seems popular enough, so got to include it I guess. This is Jah Vincis Oh Jah Jah. Now, lets move on to something more interesting, namely Assassin.

2010 saw Assassin change his name to Agent Sasco to “broaden his commercial appeal’. I’ve noticed that in most cases artist change their name it’s usually a good thing. Most artist seem to get energy when getting a new start. Remember Macka Diamond (Lady Mackerel), Fambo (?), (Countyman)… there are many. Ninjaman was called Uglyman from start, but it turned out thre alreday was a Uglyman. So he changed his name to Double Ugly. (Ninjna is, as you know, a very competitive person). Turned out there alrey was a Double Ugly too, so he had to change his name again. Don’t know if Triple Ugly already was taken or if he realized going after the ugly title wasn’t really his main goal in music. Anayway, Ninjaman it was (which I guess, surprisingly enough wasn’t taken) and he soon had his first hit. And At one point in time he changes his name to Brother Desmond to reflect that he was a “born-again Christian”, and began performing gospel reggae tunes. But he got over it.

But back to Assassin/Agent Sasco. Don’t know if I like the new name very much, but it much better then “Assassin”, which certainly was a terrible name for one of reggaes best lyricists ever and a man who always avoided conflicts and beefs in a business constantly revolving around artist wars. I actually do think the name may have been holding back his career, I can’t think of any artists which such misfit between the name and his style and type of music.

A first taste of the new “Assassin” can be found on the mixtape “Assassin is Agent Sasco - The Mixtape”. Look for it on the internet. It is by many hailed as one of the highlights of the year in the dancehall business, os don’t miss it if you like his style. Solid Assassin/Sasco music.. Listen to it and it’s clear that unlike other artists that change their name it’c clear that Assassin/Sasco did not have any ambition to change his style. And why should he, it’s not his style that was the problem, but his name not matching his style and approach.

:-) Selecta

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