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MP3 file:


Billy Jean

Also known as: Get A Lick

Is there a Michael Jackson tune that hasn't been versioned inJamaica yet? Jamaican youth singers has a strange habit of singingJackson tunes off key over stripped down Stalag's and Sleng Teng's.Very common as dubplates. Even roots singers as Junior Reid and Yamie Bolo do. Respect still, ca nuff version a well wicked, seen.

This riddim is said to have been created by the Wailers for Marley, but never got used and surfaced as dubplate in the early eighties. Others say Bumps Oaklys Get A Lick is the original.Shinehead cut two versions on the riddim, Billy Jean and Mama UsedTo Say. Big hits, cool tunes. Admittedly not one of the most common riddims, but quite nice.The whistle is Shinehead, from his Billy Jean version.

Shinehead cut a album for Sly and Robbie in -86 called Rough And Rugged. The album sparkled with talent. It covered lots of different styles and Shineheads performancewas extraordinary. Unbelievably inventive and fresh. A mix of singing, DJ:ing, rapping and whistling. World star quality without a doubt. Next move was to appear on Sly and Robbies Rhythm Killer LP.Sly and Robbie was quite hot at the time and the LP sold wellto a non reggae audience, further spreading Shinhead's name.He was then signed to Elektra. His first album for Elektrawasn't that bad, although it featured some material from thefirst album that the reggae listeners already had heard andsome crossover oriented material. Solid material, but somethingfrom the first album was missing, hard to pinpoint what. Shinehead's performance was definitely top class. Next album positioned Shinhead closer to the rap audience. Again solid and inventive material, but missing even more ofthat strange magic from the first album.It seems his style and choice ofmaterial put him in a position were neither the rap audiencenor the reggae audience found him interesting. Unbelievablethat a man with so much talent can go wrong. Of course hisalbums sold well compared to any top selling reggae album, but nothing compared to a mediocre rap album.

So what will his next move be? One thing is sure, if he decidesto go back were he came from, the dancehalls, the success issecured. And reggae really needs a talent of Shinehead's calibre.It would be interesting to see what Shinhead could do with Jamaicas most inventive producers and no big record company and M.O.R record buyers to please.

Selecta mars/97

:-) Selecta

Riddim origin information:
Artist: Bumps Oakley
Song: Get A Lick
Label: Studio One

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Comments (latest first):

Shine head does a wicked re lick called 'Reprimand'. The intro sounds like Dave and Ansil Collins. Supa dupa.

Comment by: swede tooth Date: 2010-12-02

In answer to Dr digiriddim, Shinehead did a Michael Jackson cover Billy Jean on this riddim i do have the record, also the riddim is called Get A Lick by Bumps Oakley for coxsone @ studio one back in the day. Finally, the whistling by by shinehead is the good bad and the ugly.

Comment by: Daggy Finest Fe Real Date: 2010-02-10

Billy Jean

Comment by: Date: 2008-10-24

this is one of the most beautiful roots reggae i ever known!!! fantastic

Comment by: Penesi Date: 2008-08-07

This riddim is actually not a cover of a Michael Jackson Song, but of a movie sound track. It's the theme from "The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly".
Here's the original:

Comment by: Dr. Digiriddim Date: 2008-06-01


Comment by: Date: 2007-08-27

Hello! Good Site! Thanks you! ekunucsqvb

Comment by: chglnlbvlt Date: 2007-07-03

Cint Eastwood betta look out,becaw Don Dadda back in town fe some serious kinda business wit disya killa,drilla riddim,all wicked man leave town,wha!!!

Comment by: Ras McQueen Date: 2007-06-16

This one is called the "Explorer" Riddim". I'm not sure who the original artist was, but it almost certainly dates to well before "Billy Jean."

Comment by: Mystic Riddims Date: 2007-04-22

Merciless did a tune called 'Nobdy Knows' on this
riddim as well: "Nobody know what tomorrow gonna
be/Nobody know but de almighty/Nobody know what
can happen tomorrow/ It may bring joy or it may bring

Comment by: sun_of_dub Date: 2006-12-10

This verrsion is nice, i really like it

Comment by: dlux Date: 2006-10-23


Comment by: Asad Mekonnen Date: 2006-10-18

terror fabulous - gun jezebel

wicked piece ah tune pon di riddim!!

Comment by: Smokey Date: 2006-09-13

Isn't there a Boulti Killa on this riddim as well? (from his "Down in the Ghetto" album?)

Comment by: Date: 2006-09-13

ya mon,dis ya won an original tune called (my sound stands alone!) seen.............?

Comment by: selecta Date: 2006-03-13

What a lik was also voiced early 1980 by Carlton Livingston Titled (Itch it up operator) SMUGG RECORDS

Comment by: Ancel Travis Date: 2006-02-24

"Territory" is not on the "Billie Jean", it's a 'stand alone' tune.

Comment by: Warlord Date: 2006-02-19

Is "Territory" (Hopeton Lindo) a version to Get A Lick?

Comment by: Date: 2006-02-15

why is it some of the most sought after tunes on a riddim are so hard to find on 45?....example Garnett Silk-Bless Me

Comment by: Wicked Vibes Sound Date: 2006-02-14

Teddy Irie - We Rule the Border on Harry J 1986 is my favorite tune on this riddim.

Comment by: Mikey G Date: 2006-02-04

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