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Another Da Genius riddim, Numerous versions from all sorts of artists... Among them legendary singer Freddie McGregor! A favourite on the riddims is this one – Savage Graveyard. Classic stylish off key singing as only jamaicns can do it. Reeeal coool !

Another fav on the riddim is Agent Sasco aka Assassins Dem Sick.

Talking about legends… Many of the biggest reggae legend is approaching their 60-tie and 70-ties and the least few years some of them has left us.

I was really sad to hear the Gregory Isaacs passed away. For me personally this was the thing that has affected me most since the passing of Garner Silk. I have grown up with Gregorys music, and has always been a real devoted fan. His music has meant a lot to me, perhaps most of all reggae artists if you consider the number of years, tunes, rumours, scandals and hits. There has always been a lot of Gregory around, regardless if he had hits or not.

I have always though an autobiography from Gregory would have been the most interesting reggae read there could be. Imaging what that man went through, musically and personally! He lived reggae for as long as reggae has been around, and it’s not until the last 10 years he wasn’t at the center of it. Now it’s too late for an autobiography, and I seriously doubt it is possible to write a biography on Isaacs. All the rumours… You wouldn’t know what was true and not. And even if it was 100 truthful… would the story it seem likely? The only one that had some chance of telling the real and true Gregory Isaacs story was the man himself. But as you know, he was never very keen on that. Many have tried to do a decent interview with the man but, none, as far as I know, was successful. “De man weh dem call Hitla” (as Fussy Jones puts is in that famous Tubbys intro) was not an easy man to interview.

Funny thing is that in his last interviews ha suddenly came across as a humorous, outspoken and gentle man. You can find them at youtube. Perhaps a certain maturity came with age or perhaps he could finally relax after leaving the constant spotlight his fame and lifestyle put him in.

For me…. I have about 2000 Gregory tunes on mp3 and I did a selection of my favorites. The outcome was 150 incredible tunes. And then I prefer the rougher side of Gregory, so that selection didn’t include more then 10 or so of his top 50 hits.

Someone estimated the number of tunes Gregory recorded to about 5000. The calculation was an approximation, I think the reasoning went something like this: he’s a recorded about 150 – 200 albums. That’s about 2000 tunes. Then add to that singles, got to be at least another 2000 tunes. Then add to that all dubplates, difficult to approximate, but perhaps 1000 cuts? If this is true he’s most likely the most recorded JA artist. (This was at one point in time been said to be Dennis Brown, but I think both Gregory and Sizzla has passed him.). By the way, who can blame him for recycling his lyrics with that amount of tunes? (It’s a mystery how Sizzla does it, but perhaps it’s easier for a chanter, his lyrics doesn’t have to be a “singable”.)

Anyway, goodbye Gregory and thank you for all!

:-) Selecta

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