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Cardiac Bass

Another CR203/ZJ Chrome production.

Super classic one drop. And after listening to the top riddims of 2010 this is a nice change. But not nearly close to the quality of the one drops of 2006-2008.

However, Jah Cure...! He is always magnificent on riddims like this. Not my style, but when Jah Cure does it these kind of riddims suddenly sound fantastic. I'm slowly coming to terms with Jah Cures choice to stick to supersoft reggee like this. After all, with Beres sparse production tempo and no Gregory, there is certainly room for a new singer aiming for the super romantic position

Now if you think this is a rather uninspired riddim you probably like roots & culture, right? If so you are by now also extremely tired of the uninspired Virgin Island productions, the stale UK steppers and too softish JA productions?

Then I have something for you!

Check out Soom T:s productions for Jahtari! It's definitely very different, yet firmly rooted in tradition. An inspired brew of roots and digi, with the addition of a truly unique voice. Don't miss it!

Generally I have a difficult time with female roots vocalists, but this is real cool. And I guess it's because Soom T isn't a traditional reggae vocalist, but active in other genres too. But it all comes together over Jahtaris digi styled roots riddims. A lot more interesting then other current roots thanks to the digi flavor and the strongly Commodore 64 inspired sound. You'll find a bunch of tunes on the CD called “Ode To a Carrot”. That's the starting point, but there are also other roots Soom T productions around. The work with Danish Maffi label are excellent too. But you need to search, because Soom T also perform other genres so there is a lot of Soom T music around that is not in a reggae style...

:-) Selecta

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