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Hold You

Gyptians Hold You, big hit that even made some impact outside the reggae scene.

Answer version from Shani, not often you hear answers version these days, what happened to that? That was a nice practice!!

The riddim also comes in a soca version. Huhu....? And are the original a reggae or dancehall riddim….? If JA artist will be performing in riddims like this continues my job is going to be real difficult in the future...:)

Gyptian was with this song the only JA artist (except Sean Paul if you view him as a JA artist) that enjoyed some sort of success outside the reggae sub genre in 2010.

Still if you listen with the reggae fans it seems most agree that I-Octane is artist of the year. I- what? Well, it’s all matter of perspective isn’t it?

But Ok… given his tunes during 2010 perhaps its right. For me…. a decent singer, but… I don’t know. I’ve liked him right from start, but….. And, if I have to chose I’ll go with the “original” - I-Wayne. Perhaps it’s not fair to say I-Octane is a I-Wayne copy, anymore, but it’s easy to hear that his name didn’t come up by accident. So despite his last great year I’m not convinced. A bit too traditional. I can’t really se a superstar in him. But I hope I’m wrong!

:-) Selecta

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