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National Pride

Charlie Black on the National Pride riddim. A set of popular tones from him the last two years. There is something very traditional in his style, but I can't seem to put the finger on it. And here he's more traditional then ever :).

Last year I briefly mentioned that jamrid had lost a lot of visitors over the last year. I figured this was because the massive amount of reggae blogs on the Internet. Most of them are very short lived and I if anyone known why. It’s fun in the beginning but it soon becomes a lot of work and no payback whatsoever. It seems the average time a blogger keeps it up is a couple of months. Se please admire me whose been doing this for 13 years or whatever it is regularly. Admittedly not frequently, but regularly.

Once a year :)

Anway, this calls for a tour de reggae blogs, but I’m not sure I’m the one to provide this. In addtion, I have a difficult time with the fact that the best blogs I like the best basically only make copyright protected material in the web and let people steal the music without a cent going to the originators. But…

If you, as me, are a lover of 80-ties digi dancehall there is a goldmine out there on these blogs. Check these ones out:

Digital Reggae
Digital Me Digital
Rewing Me Selecta

Most of them link each other and similar blogs, so from here you should be able to find you way around yourself.

I was thinking id link some more blogs, but come to think of it I don’t think it’s necessary. It’s discovering it yourself that is fun, and this should get you going.

Then there is a certain P2P network, but I don’t want to set you off in that direction because then you’ll start stealing from my beloved reggae artists big time.

Anyway, to round up this with something funny…:

It turned out JAMRID actually had _not_ lost any traffic. The service provider had a bug in the statistics software that resulted in incorrect statistics – jamrid still has the about 3000 visitors. A figure that has been steady for the last 10 years BTW.

On of the sites above bragged about having 3000, or whatever, visitors a day.

Well, how difficult can that be when all your doing is publishing copyright protected material that you have stolen from the artists! These sites doesn’t even provide any commentary on the stuff they publish! I’ll respect you when you have 3000 vistors a day for 10 consecutive years. And provide the content yourself. Get of your ass and create something yourself before bragging!

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

There is somethng Festive and Traditional about this Riddim (in the Diwali or Salsa sense). Im particularly pleased with the General Degree/Lukie D collaboration and its also thumbs up to Elephant Man, TOK, & Beenie Man for there efforts.
The type of Riddim to listen to on a suny day, relaxed pon di beach with yo summer shirt & dark shades on.

Comment by: Elisha Outta Zimbabwe Date: 2010-11-23

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