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England Town

Lisa Hype does the baguette move. Woow. Let’s se if all this talk about oral sex was just… talk. If of that pic of Lisa Hype would be that last we se of her. I bet it isn’t…

Considering how weak of a performer she is she’ll need all the hype she can get. Same as her female colleagues in the Gaze and Gully camps - just fillers.

Not that there is a lack of good female reggae singers, there has never been, that’s just a myth. It’s a temporary thing. Besides, outside the core dancehall, there's nuff gals.

It has always been said that there is a lack of female reggae performers, but that’s never been true. It’s always been claimed – mostly outside JA - that the reggae business is male chauvinist and that they don’t let women into the studio. The truth is actually that the audience – again particularly outside JA - never liked or understood the female JA performers. What they where looking for was a female Burning Spear or Bob Marley I guess. But performer of the BM caliber are rare no matter their gender. And singing roots songs with credibility is pretty much impossible for a woman – thankfully we don’t expect that type of nerdishness from a woman. It sounds funny and akward, while we can much easily except all sorts of stupidness from a man.

But there is a lack in good female artists on the cutting edge dancehall scene at the moment. There was not to long ago though, both Lady Saw, Tanya Stephens and Cecile ranked as the top ten hottest dancehall acts pretty recently, and looking further back there is a long line – Lady G being a favorite, but there’s been many more. But since Lady Saw left the dancehall business (?), people got a bit tired of Cecile, Queen Ifrica isn’t a dancehall artist and Tanya Stepehens focused on more worthwhile music there is a void…

Riddim is England Town.

:-) Selecta

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