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Collie Monster

This is new (relatively) artist Mitch on the Collie Monster riddim.

In another entry I discussed dancehall and reggae becoming more and more of a global subculture.

Last year I was saying it’s only a matter of time before a non JA producer becomes a top producer in the industry, someone from Italy, Sweden, Japan…

Danish Pharfar may or may not be that produce. Either way, he did shock the reggae world in 2009 with the massive Collie Monster and Morning riddims. These are the freshest and most vital roots riddims these fresh since JA producer Gibbo’s 2006 -2007 riddims and some unexpected gems in the flood of substandard roots riddims. The cuts are really good all of them, particularly the Collie Monster tunes with tunes like Sizzlas World Leaders In Problem and Michael Rose Mr Collie as just a few examplez. Roots riddim of the year if you ask me, no competition.

Well now, you may ask “if these riddims are so good, why aren’t they even in the to 20 riddims in the JAMRID voting for best riddims of 2009?”

My opinion is that it does not have anything to do with the quality of the music, instead it’s all about authenticity and exposure. JA is still considered to be the place where “real” reggae and dancehall music is made. If it’s from someplace else it’s not the real thing - it’s a copy. Secondarily it’s about exposure. The old channels for how reggae and dancehall music is spread in the world still originates in JA. A new riddim need to introduced in the dance, include in mixtapes, voiced by local JA artists, spread on dubs to international sounds. This has been the channel for 30 years and it does not vanish overnight. Better products in other channels will change this over time, but that will take a while. The two factors in combination still holds reggae originating from outside JA back, and will do so for quite a while. However, in the long run the better product will win, and if the producers and artists in JA do not provide the best product they will eventually loose.

Anayway, back to Pharfar. Turns out he has recorded a lot of material with Rose and the legendary digi singer Kong Kong, whole long players it seems. Pharfar has released three tunes with King Kong and they are all feature the ultra cool King Kong at his very best, Crime Don’t Pay, I See The Grace and Purger Of Mankind. I seriously doubt the other material has the same quality as these tune and riddims, but if it has… then I think we have seen the new top producer enter the worlds reggae stage.

:-) Selecta

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Comment by: Will Date: 2010-11-21


Comment by: Date: 2010-09-17


Comment by: Date: 2010-09-07


Comment by: RenegadeSounds0804 Date: 2010-05-08

Wah? Top 2009? No, man...

Comment by: Date: 2010-04-06

Agree 100%, wicked riddim seriously underrated

Comment by: Date: 2010-04-06

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