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Wonderful tune, one of his 2-3 best to date, Tarrus Riely on Changes riddim.

Good to see new, really talented and charismatic singers emerge. Tarrus is actually much better live then on record, were his songs, despite interesting qualities and sort of a uniqueness to the them tend to sound rather lame. Perhaps it's the production that is the problem. But if you get a chance to se him live you should not miss it. He has a careoke style of singing reminding of Jack Radics that he holds back on records, possibly for the better, but really provides great entertainment live. And as I said, he has a lot of charisma that aren't captured on record.

A Don Corleone that sound very.. Don Corleone. I'm pretty sure I'd guess this one if I'd been challenged. I'm pretty sure you would too.

:-) Selecta

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Changes Riddim was 1 of my major highlights in 2009. Artists on it did justice to it most notebly Alaine, Gentleman, Tarrus Riley, Morgan Heritage & High Octane. Definately a Riddim to lift yo spirits when thr down.
Bless :-))

Comment by: Elisha Outta Zimbabwe Date: 2010-11-23

changez rdm iz alwayz ma reqeust pon di radio station,all da songz r di boom every artist have nyced da sweetly.davis auta kenya nbi.

Comment by: Date: 2010-10-23

Agreed. Tarrus is much better live. Production by definition is supposed to enhance sound quality so I think he needs to get hooked up with the right folks for that. Actually his entire 2009 album has a string of hot joints. Very underrated artist.

Comment by: blackarrow Date: 2010-10-23

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