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Through The Fire

I discussed Jah Cure earlier but there are also other interesting young artists in the are of traditional reggae... I've predicted Ranaco and Nanko to be the future stars of traditional reggae music but not much has happened until recently.

Still no sign of Ranaco, but Nanko has released a few tunes during 2008 and they are all very good. They are all crafts of art, if you know what I mean. Tunes that reveals highr ambitions that just collecting the daily studio fee. One of the tunes could even well be a future connoisseurs classic - tune called Ethan. If it wasn’t so autotuned Id' say it was a masterpiece and a future classic, but we will hate the autotune stuff so (if we doesn't already) so the tune definitely will run the risk of sounding dated very fast.

You have to check that tune out, and whilke you are at it you may as well update yourself on his whole production. I't not even 10 tunes in all, but 5-6 of them are very very good.

What I like the most about Nanko is that it's a truly unique voice with a unique approach to singing. If you have heard him a few times you'll recognize him immediately, and that’s certainly a rare feature these days. If it would have been cut on a big riddim with other high class cuts on it could have been at least as big as his Lucky You. It's as good, or better if you ask me, but it takes more then a good tune to have a hit these days.

Not to spoil the fun for you I’ve not featured the Nanko tune here, it deserves top be heard in its entirety.

But it’s not only the tune, the riddim is one of the nicest one drops this year. It’s called Through The Fire and it’s in your speakers. Don’t know much bout where the riddim is from, I’ve seen the name “Music Factory Records” but have not found anything on the Internet….

The other artists (of which T.O.K and Daville are the most well know) comes up with solid but not exceptional efforts on the riddim. Cant' help but wondering what an artist s Ranaco would do on a riddims like this. Or Cure for that matter. The artist that impresses the most apart from Nanko is another relative newcomer – Torch. Check out his tunes, another one for the future definitely. he's been around for quite some years, but I wouldn't be surprised if you haven't heard of him. However, unlike Nanko his sound is similar to many many other singers. Especially in these days of autotuning. As always, JA got young talanted singers like dirt and it's difficult to get the attention without a monster hut under the belt.

Anyway...regarding the riddim: my understanding is that this riddim is not yet released! It's widely available on the Internet, but you can buy it pressed on plastic! Also check for my comments on the death of the 7" single. Put these two together...

I would predict it to be huge if it gets a regular release if it wasn't a lilttle to juggle really, but perhaps the riddims grows given a little time. The biggest surprise is that this traditional riddim comes with to batty bwoy tunes over it!! Just when you thought the nightmare was over, Esco (Inna Di Closet) disqualifies himself from future international success :)... Brave!

Anyway, I have this one as one of the top riddims of the year if it's not even released, but if it should flop I can just remove this entry from the site and you'll never know it was there, he, he, he...

Brilliant riddim!

:-) Selecta

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Together We Stand is my song on dis lovely riddim

Comment by: Ras Jem Date: 2010-07-08

i love this riddim it's one of my fav of 2009 wish i could find all teh tuens dat is pon it, so it anyone have all teh tunes please link me up at TRINIDADIAN20062007@YAHOO.COM

Comment by: Dj Trinstar Date: 2010-01-18

Nanko is the future, trust me pon dat!

Comment by: Date: 2009-06-11

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