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The Session

This is a riddim called “The Session”, from UK producer Frenchie/Maximim Sounds. Sounds to me like a recut of Black Uhurus Party In Session. Other from Maximum Sounds…: you may remember dancehall riddims The Itch, Intercom , Space Invaders (way back!), and traditional riddims like Ashanti Warrior and Jah Powers.

Anthony B and Horace Andy on this one.I included this because I like it. It got a lot of votes in the jamrid voting, but I think perhaps there where something fishy going on there with the votings, it wasn’t that popular was it?

Anyway, I started to talk about Perry in another entry and the idea was to say that madman isn’t making much fuss these days, but another one has taken his place…: Eek A Mouse is again in conflict with the rest of the world. At an event called Carifest CARES (Compassionate Artists Recognizing Entertainment Solutions) in June he got wex:

“They nah wan no black people to run reggae music. They wan Sean Paul and Shaggy; A true. Matissaweh jump inna di business and starts selling all dem records deh, and now mi kaw sell none, and mi kaw sign me, so mi wonder wah gwann. Bloodclot! All dem white boys get money from reggae music and me kaw get none. Toots and the Maytals, Dennis Brown, get nuttin and here comes Massassahoo, here comes UB40…”

Fans on the internet called him “Eek-A-Rasisit”.

My dear man, you don’t say these things! As a result he got pulled from the Carifest event and, I suppose, didn’t get no money this time either. Because of his skin color. Obviously ;).

Instead the event lineup include well known reggae superstars such as Lee "Scratch" Perry, Matisyahu, Slightly Stoopid , Midnite, Kayla Bliss, Uriel Hamilton, Meta and the Cornerstones and Joseph Israel.

Yes, “well known reggae superstars” was supposed to a joke too.

Actually it was a pity The Mouse missed this event, for once he would have been the hottest artist of the pack and the only one with at least some grain of credibility amongst real JA music audience.

He might be totally mad, but his sense of humor is luckily intact. “Massassahoo”. That’s funny, man!!!

Now you would think that was controversy a enough, but that nothing for the Man the Mouse. In September he was arrested and charged with first-degree kidnapping, second-degree rape, possession of cocaine and possession of less than a half-ounce of marijuana. (Fans on the internet went: “Eek-A-Rapist”)

Fans say he was FRAMED BY THE COPS (or actually that’s shouting) and the usual internet debates. Then suddenly the woman Eek did what-ever-was-done-or-not-done to start posting her view in what happened! Surprise! Isn’t Internet wonderful! White trash and Internet is certainly a marriage made up in heaven (why do I assume the girl was white trash? Am I perhaps a rasist? Well have haven’t event checked if she was or not (you can google her), it’s just that I’ve been around the business for 30 years and girls hanging out with has-been reggae superstars are for some reason white girls with neon dreads and rats in their hands. (Some may have leaft their rat in the care though)).

Check it out: http://www.nowpublic.com/culture/eek-mouse-arrested-rape-u-s. Scroll down to “thatswhatshesaid”.

Of course he didn’t turn up in court. (Fans: ”LOL...EEK-A-FUGITIVE. Too funny.”)

The good news is that once he gets out again he’s get to use his old striped prison suit with a plastic ball-and-chain around one ankle again. (Yes, this is not the first time he’s in trouble…). I think he kinda liked that outfit. Hope he didn’t sell it.

Actually I wasn’t able to figure out if he got convicted or not, I guess he should be behind bars by now, but I couldn’t find anything on it on the net.

If he’s guilty or not is of course impossible to say, but unfortunately it seems he’s capable of all sorts of badman things.

Anyway, I guess the whole thing is said and no laughing matter. He’s not well… (fans: Weak-A-Mouse).

So remember kids, don’t try cocaine or one day you too will be carrying that striped prison suit. On stage.

:-) Selecta

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chezidek lock down dis riddim wid bullet clown str88888!!!

Comment by: Date: 2009-02-19

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