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The Mission

Lee Perry released a CD that I doubt anyone have heard and much less bought, but still he got nominated for a Grammy (no, not nominated for a Granny, although that would ha been more accurate). The whole Grammy thing is just like a crazy joke, ever year the nominate 5 records no one have heard of. This was a year dominated by Busy, Movado, Aidonia and Kartel. But perhaps the whole thing is just based on US sale in K-Mart shops. (I could make this joke every year, because this is always what the Grammy nomination looks like, but since I haven’t done it before and wont do it again…)

Anyway, just so that you won’t miss the fun, here are the 5 best albums of 2007 according to the Grammy jury:

- Elephant Man - Let’s Get Physical
- Heavy D - Vibes
- Lee “Scratch” Perry - Repentance
- Shaggy - Intoxication
- Sly & Robbie – Amazing

Burning Spear and Perry…har, har, har… Legends? Yes. Anything remotely connected to current reggae music? Are you kidding…? And Heavy D isn’t even a reggae artist. It’s like giving the Opera Grammy to Buccaner! And Ele and Shaggy? Why bother nominating dancehall artists at all if it isn’t the hottest dancehall artists?

Last year Stephen Marley’s Mind Control won. Not exactly hottest reggae act either. But at least he’s my favorite Bob Marley substitute, and it’s a decent CD of Marleyish music. Plus the CD is also released as an acoustic “unplugged” version. A new idea! And I like new ideas. I though that alone should win him the Grammy. But there was this thing about Grammy and new ideas….

This is The Mission riddim, with the aforementioned Stephen Marley doing the singing, while brother Damian is doing the… whatever it is. Why is Damians style so damn… German? Why does his patois sound like that made-up-patois Scandinavian reggae fans write in Internet forums? And why is he so popular? Beat’s me. Or perhaps that’s the reason?

The riddims is produced by one of Jammys sons, not John John this time (Shout out riddim, se elsewhere in jamrid 2008 roundup) but Baby G. Another _real_ good riddim from the Jammy’s camp, perhaps the Jammys are gearing up to rule the dancehall scene once again. Surprising to se the Marley’s collaborate with the Jammy’s. Up until 2-3 years ago the idea of such collaboration would have been unthinkable…

:-) Selecta

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