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Gear Box

This riddim is called Gearbox, produced by Steve Locke & Adrian Locke. New guys to me.

Captain Barky though, he’s not new. Used to have wicked gun tunes in the 90-ties, I think he’s goes even further back.

Which reminds me… Like 80:ties digital? Check this killer out!

King General - Got To Be Conscious:

I wish those English steppers producers weren’t so influence by Shaka. If they where more into 80-ties JA digital they’d do more tunes like this. Muderation! They surely got the skills, check out how the Bush Chemist guy dubs up the tune, fascinating indeed:

What a riddim, what a tune. Very Stepperssoundish, but that extra speed makes it lively and not so damn stale as UK roots always is. I respect Bush Chemists a lot, and I can see that they have an audience, but a lot of their stuff is just to sleepy for me. Love this one, though, and everything else they’ve done with King General. He's always able to inject some nerve into the mix.

If you’re curious but new to steppers the recommendations is simple - check out anything with King General. If you like it go from there.

:-) Selecta

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mad riddim fa real but it 1st buss d place in 07 not 08 (big up to producers)

Comment by: Date: 2009-02-19

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