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So what about the one drops, traditional reggae this year?

Well, seems like the hottest JA producers isn’t really into it, the few one drops that are produced these days are of the lesser talented producers (and now I offended a lot of people). Which if course is a pity. I’ve said it before but… it would be real interesting to se what Stephen McGregor would be able to produce if he attempted to come up with some more traditional reggae riddims

Then there is the rest of the world, which seems to be filled with bedroom producers that build and voice traditional riddims. Pretty much all of them sound like unremarkable versions of the Season riddim (and now I offended even more people). To soft, to uninventive.

However, I wouldn’t be surprised if one of these bedroom producers from some unexpected place like Hungary, Norway or Spain suddenly emerges and makes a big breakthrough. There are nuff talent out there. It’s a few years away though, dancehall have to emerge into an even more global subculture, but that road is already clear it seems…

There are certainly nuff good roots singers, the problem is the lack of good traditional riddims.

This is Tarrus Reily, son of the veteran singer Jimmy Reily. Tarrus is definitely one of the top traditional performers at the moment, and this is one is one of his more memorable tunes. Almost Beres quality to this one. But as soon as you say Beres Hammond when listening to a singer he suddenly doesn’t so impressing anymore. Or Dennis Brown. Really, Jah Cure is the only one of the current young singers that compares to the great singer of the past.

Beres released a CD this year, and of course it’s solid, but… something is missing. The problem I think is that his CD:s the last few years has been so similar to each other. I think he need to come up with something new, get together with a new producer, whatever… It’s not that what he‘s doing is bad, it’s just a bit too predictable I think.

This riddim is nice though, produced by Shane C. Brown of JukeBoxx production, also responsible for couple of other big dancehall riddims this year, The Warning (Mavado Money Changer) and Trenches. A producer that has been around for quite some years. Nylon is not his first one drop under own label, Statement and Confessions are other you may remember.

I’ll try to get some time to get a top 10 one drop riddim list together in the near future and put it here.

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Comment by: Date: 2009-12-12

Sweet Sweet Sweet
in Solomons we say
nice ana ..

Comment by: Kwainz Date: 2009-07-16

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