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Day Rave

For all of you, and me, the really don’t have the time and passion to follow the DJ rivalry and what happened in 2008, here is the short version.

Bounty Killers Alliance in war with Vybz Kartels Portmore Empire. Spragga Benz's Red Square was kept busy in a two front war with local gangastes (who killed some of his closest people) and the JA police (who killed his 17:year old son). Noone cares about Shocking Crew. Noone want to par with Beenie ca im a fish. Noone dare to par with Ninjaman,

Every DJ that plan to make a name for him in the business focuses in dissing Kartel. Kartel ignores all other then the biggest artists such as Movado.

Movado and Kartel clashed at Sting and the clash was so short and lame both artists lost (note: my opinion. There are people that not agree with this believe it or not…).

Bounty done, and got booed off the stage at Sting. He’s to fat and and lazy (note: Sting audience opinion).

Merciless reappeared in JA, he’d grown tired of driving a cab in Miami and decided to tear up the dancehall industry once again. Noone noticed his crappy tunes (note: Kartel’s opinion).

Something along these lines and on a high level pretty much all you need to know! Plz post correction using the textbox to the left.

OMG did I save you a lot of time there!

This riddim is Stephen McGregor’s third riddim that got it into the jamrid roundup. Advocate, Work Out are the other two.

Killer version by upcoming artist Black Ryno, his best tune to date as far as I’m concerned.

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Mi luv di tune "Mek She Stamma" by Busy Signal

Comment by: Melle Date: 2009-02-18

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