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Shoot Out

Welcome murder music lovers!! ;)

Much chat about dancehall being murder music these days, but hey, Kingston is the murder capital of the world, it makes a lot of sense that it also originates the murder music, don’t you think?!

I think the gay movement generally have no idea that what they think of as outrageous, discriminating and in all ways terrible (i.e the lyrics of the JA dancehall music) is to most of the Jamaicans making the music pretty much the least revolting thing they meet in their daily life. They don't think it's very much to make a fuss about considering the violence, crime, poverty, prostitution, helplessness and death that is a part of their, their family and their friends everyday life. I think JA performers might have bit of a problem seeing how the hurt feelings of some extremely rich and privileged person far away in another country is such a serious thing. It's a matter of proportions and perspectives. Particularly if that person is gay of course (considering the general view and the legislation in JA), but I'm not sure that would have made much of a difference.

There is sometimes an idea that the war in Kingston is something that the artists are remote to, the same way as US rap artists generally are. US rap artists can and will of the poorer communities once they’ve made some success. (Don't let them lead you to believe otherwise. They like to give you the idea that they are still part of the ghetto communities, but that's just bullshit.).

Not so with the JA artists. Even if they wanted they couldn't escape it, Kingston is just to small to get away from the violence, and if they want to continue making a career in the business it’s Kingston, there is no option. (As those that have tried a career abroad has experienced). Instead hey form their own little army around them and stay. But the JA everyday life is close.

But of course gay are not popular in JA. It's till criminalized and there are no plans to change that. The government even say that out loud.

That’s just how JA society are. If you think that is a lie, consider this...: When the pop group No Doubt was invited to play at the super bowl in front of 100 of millions of viewers they wanted Bounty Killer to perform with them. BK had collaborated with No Doubt on a previous song. However, in one No Doubt video the drummer had appeared naked. That was by Jamaicans associated with homosexuality. Bounty had already received a lot of, how should I put it... teasing... from his peers about that and he knew it would harm his reputation amongst the Jamaican. But... a couple of million Jamaicans that doesn't buy his records anyway, compared to be exposed to 100 of million record buyers and establishing his name as the number one reggae artist internationally for a long time. What would you have chosen? He turned the offer down! And now just about no one knows who Bounty Killer is in the US outside our little small subculture. So the anti gay thing goes deeper than most non Jamaicans can ever imagine.

Now, this tune is veteran singer Michael Rose (or Mykal Roze) who with this tune in 2008 got his first major hit song since the days of lead singer in Black Uhuru (and that was +15 years ago or so).

An all that was needed was a bit of autotune!!!

Very strong tune, but Michael Rose has held a incredible standard the last 5-6 years. Really, since he started voicing riddims (rather then releasing full CD:s in the traditional rock band type of way)he’s produced loads of good tunes. Hearing his voice and style meet different type of riddims with different sound has been refreshing and has resulted in loads of interesting tunes. Of which this is just one, there are many more killer tunes from him to check out.

The riddims is a production of Jammys son John John. Very powerful, riddims, one of the highlights of 08!

:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

so cool

Comment by: Date: 2010-06-04

hi how are you? My name iz Robin I just love the music! like to here more, I would to come an visited Jamaica one day.

Comment by: Date: 2009-09-14

hot stopper

Comment by: Date: 2009-06-20

Agree that a recut shouldn't be riddim of the year. On the other hand it _was_ the most popular by miles. So what can I say?

That ppl doesn't have the same excellent taste in music as you and I :)

Comment by: :-) S Date: 2009-02-20

shoot out should have been riddim of the year ( i dont think a recut riddim should win ,anyway , peace)

Comment by: Date: 2009-02-19

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