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Unfinished Business

KUFF KAFF KWEFF ladies and gentlemen!

Turn off that murdah music plz and read something worthwhile instead.

Like the JAMRID 2008 roundup…

The last few years I’ve only done updates to the site rarely, sometimes only once a year. It has been reflected in my statistics lately, the number of visitors drops like crazy. JAMRID used to have 3000 visitors a day and this was the case for many years but lately it has become fewer.

However, it doesn’t bother me to much, I’ll continue doing what I’ve been doing and as long as there are a couple of people out there accessing the site I’m happy with that. And some of you are still out there - just the other day I got a real nice email:

“What’s up man. I’ve been following your site for over 10 years! Big ups… I know nuff reggae bands that use your site as a way to learn all the rhythms. […] Again, big ups on the site it’s the granddaddy of reggae online as far as I am concerned.”

The “granddaddy of reggae online” :). Well, after 13 years with JAMRID I think I have to settle for being on of the pioneers of reggae on the Internet and that will always be on my CV, but I guess I have to accept that others put more time and passion into it then me these days.

Although I do have a unique viewpoint after having been up with the latest in dancehall since the mid 70:ties (when most of you weren’t even born I guess :) ), and I'll will continue to come up with some thoughts on the current state of affairs based on that every now and then in the future too.

Besides, the days are gone when you marked a site as favorite and then could return to that over and over. The best sites are blogs these days and they come and go pretty fast. Blogs generally contain what is the real value with the Internet - personal opinions from people that is passionate and knowledgeable about their topic. That’s always what is most interesting to read (and that’s what I’ve tried to deliver here al these years). But as many bloggers already have found out, it’s a lot of work and you don’t get that much back really. So most blogs come and go.

So for those of you who are still with me here is the 2008 roundup. As always, you’ll find all the riddims and the editorials covering this year on the main page under the entries found under “Riddims of 2008”.

So, let start by looking at the riddim of the year voting this year. This year the votes were spread much more evenly then previous years. This applies to both the riddims and the tunes. I would say this definitely was a result of a weaker year. I don’t want to be grumpy - I always believe in Jamaican music revitalizing itself on a constant basis - but with the aforementioned viewpoint on mind I think I’m right in saying that it was a weak year. The One Drop trend has lost it momentum with mostly rather bleak riddims being produced, and the creative explosion from Stephen “De Genious” McGregor (he pretty much on his own kept the music vital during 2007) cooled down in the beginning of this year.

Grumpy perhaps, but if you don’t agree with this analyses, how would you explain that the by far most popular riddim 2008 was a version of an older riddim? This has never happened before! And in fact, never before has the JAMRID riddim voting had such a clear winner as this years Unfinished Business. Unfinished Business took a lot from Dave Kelly’s Showtime, although perhaps it’s not really a straight recut. Linton ‘TJ’ White was the producer of Unfinished Business.

Here is the complete riddim listing, in all there what about a 1000 riddim votes.

1. Unfinished Business – winner with 62 votes
2. The Beast – 42 votes
3. The Mission
4. Day Rave
5. Final Warning
6. The Session
7. Skyy Daggaring
8. Workout
9. Shootout
10. Nylon
11. Looking Gal / Nuh Linga/ Look Gal Riddim
12. Advocate
13. Gearbox
14. Drum Line
15. Self Defense/Martial Arts
16. Teflon
17. Jungle Lion
18. Kalashnikov
19. Secrets
20. Silent River
21. Stimulant
22. Trenches

Didn’t include the number of votes for all riddims, but basically Unfinished business scored twice as many votes as The Beast, but from there on there are not big differences.

So, this what you hear in your speakers hear is Unfinished Business, riddim of the year 2008. The cut it Movados So Special voted tune of the year. Complete tune of the year will follow under another 2008 entry so read on…

Go back to main page and read the next entry for 2008 to read the rest of this 2008 update.

:-) Selecta

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slt mon nom est traore omar je suis rapeur jaim le site jaimerai laicé mon son sur votr site

Comment by: TI'omar Date: 2010-04-28


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Comment by: Date: 2010-02-22


Comment by: Date: 2009-11-24

That's ok, man. As long as you hang on in there. Love to hear your opinions...

Comment by: yaddalong Date: 2009-08-27

Sorry that the posting functionality hasn't worked in a while... (6 months:))

Didnät note ci it myself.

Comment by: :-) Selecta Date: 2009-06-11

Sorry that the posting functionality hasn't worked in a while... (6 months:))

Didnät note ci it myself.

Comment by: :-) Selecta Date: 2009-06-11

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