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I just love this riddim!!! This was a huge riddim early 2007, but it seem when it came to the voting in the end of the year no one remembered this one anymore. A year is a long time… but I do remember it so I put in the round up anyway. Because I know you love it too. Yes you do. As the Cool Ruler would say.

Tried to figure out who produced this but it seems all info just point to some production team. These guys seem to keep a low profile and let the music speak instead it seems. If you know help post a comment or drop an email.

This is not an original though, but…. I can’t just figure out what riddims it is, despite it sounding so familiar. Someone help me out here….?.

Loads of greats cut on the riddim, but I took this one just to show that Gregory is still Gregory and Mr. Hitlah can cut a killer anytime given the right riddim. Ting called Save Ethiopia.

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Comments (latest first):

bad riddim!

Comment by: yo Date: 2010-05-24

i like this riddim

Comment by: one Date: 2010-05-24

is this like the JAmrock Riddim

Comment by: Date: 2008-07-31

who know's a wonderful torrent site where I can get nice reggae mix ?
please post here

Comment by: wetu kenya Date: 2008-07-07

Bwoy, Nothing nu sweet like Reggae music.

Comment by: Date: 2008-04-20

Correction- Reid- i should say....

Comment by: the Jewel of Reggae- RUBy Date: 2008-03-14

This should've hit bigger. Of course I love it! Close your eyes & let the riddim take you there. Thank you Cool Ruler. Jr Reed, Luciano, Natty Dread & Yambi Bolo kept me in the zone.

Comment by: the Jewel of Reggae- RUBy Date: 2008-03-14

I like this riddim 2. soun like a remake a world of music riddim or jamrock riddim

Comment by: Sir Q Date: 2008-02-18


Your abolutely right, it's World Jam from 2005, but in a little faster version. Which in turn is a recut of a tune from Ini Kamozes debut album.

World Jam can be found under 2005 riddims here in Jamrid.

Here is World Jam, Richis Spice cut.

Comment by: :-) Selecta Date: 2008-02-06

ain't that riddim just a reload of the Worldjam riddim? Sound really but not so inventive to me...

Comment by: Peace Date: 2008-02-05

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