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Talk about disappointments, but what the h… is Jah Cure doing? He’s recording on way to soft riddims! Is he trying to be a new Sanchez? Doesn’t make any sense at all to me. All he have to do to make popular tunes is to record over traditional riddims.

This one, Sticky, is one of the two tunes he has released since being released from jail that is even worth mentioning, and this one is certainly not much much to rave about in my opinion. Well, perhaps I'm a bit harsh here, the jamrid voters put it on a third place in the culture tune list this year, but geez cheez...

The other tune, and the only really worthwhile, is the duet with Alborosie, Life. A killer tune. And considering Alborosies output this year I would think that I shtanks to him rather then Cure. Alborosies did what everyone expected Jah Cure to do during 2007, cutting solid killer tunes in a roots fashion.

And it’s not only Jah Cure that make you wonder what JA singers are thinking about… When you hear an artist like Alborosie you get surprised that there are so many ”culture” reggae singers so few of them manages to have any international hit tunes, or do any good classic roots tunes for that matter.

Alborosie’s tunes echoes of old classic styles like Black Uhuru, Ini Kamoze, Junior Reid, the whole international roots thing from mid eighties. Nothing new there, and it do becomes hits. Especially with the traditional international reggae audience embraces these types of tune immediately. Another example from last year what Collie Buds monster hit Come Around. Yet other examples of artists that has enjoyed crossover roots oriented hits are Gentlemen, Morgan Heritage, Marlon Asha, Sean Kingston and Million Stylez. Alborosis is from Italy, Collie Buds from Canada, Gentlemen from Germany, Morgan Heritage and Sean Kingston from the US, Marlon Asha is from Trinidad, Million Stylez from Sweden. Not to mention Midnight and all those artist from US Virgin Islands that sells shiploads of roots reggae records in the US and that you probably never even have heard of.

It’s seems it’s impossible to make a big roots hit on JA these days. Intriguing, isn’t it?

Think about it - artists such as Chezideck, I-Wayne, Richie Spice, Luciano, Natural Black and Norrisman are pretty much doing purely roots, but none of them has been close to an international hit such a Come Around, Ganja Farmer or even Million Stylez Miss Fatty. Why is this? Perhaps that it’s to apparent for a JA born artist to try out a simple Watherhouse wail? Or is the problem the lack of heavy weight roots riddims. After all, the aforementioned artists generally do build the riddims themselves, and they are not targeted to fit 15 versions. They are made to go with one set of lyrics, one tune. And they do have a very different feel from, say, Vendetta/Don Corleons slower riddims.

Perhaps you could argue that there isn’t any channels for JA roots into the crossover scene, a solid JA produced roots one drop gets labeled as “dancehall” right away and get stuck in the dance and the traditional ethnical and cultural market for dancehall. But on the other hand, I can’t say I hear any tunes from JA with the crossover potential of Come Around, Kingston Town and Ganja Farmer anyway.

Producer of this one is a reggae entrepeneur outta Miami (I think) called Delmar Drummond. Also produces stage shows.

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Comments (latest first):

Omg ok #1 This Jah Cure track BOD!!! If u know wat "sticky" means and the implications for the jamaican community u would agree. Times are rough and he manages to get that message across in very little words. Very underrated track LOVE IT!!!!

Comment by: Date: 2010-11-06

jah cure is the best

Comment by: Date: 2008-11-07

Excellent insight on this years roots scene. you hit
the nail on the head. Respect. Love this site
bredren. Bless.

Comment by: T-roy from NOLA Date: 2008-09-30

Keep 'em comming Collie!

Comment by: the Jewel of Reggae- RUBy Date: 2008-03-14

Mmm, i prefer to hear Buju (Love Needs) or Cecile (I'm Waititg) on this perticular riddim. At least those two have something memorable to say- not Jah Cure (Sticky).

Comment by: the Jewel of Reggae- RUBy Date: 2008-03-14

Collie Buddz is from Bermuda.

Big Up to all dem artists deh!!

Comment by: Warlord aka Equinoxx Date: 2008-03-02

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