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Artillery from Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett / Don Corelon (the latter is the label, no the name of the producer), was one of the few dancehall riddims from him this year, seems he focused on the Alaine and Pressure albums, both of which contained softer one drops. Both are real solid albums I guess, if you like the style. (Personally I find it a bit to sweet for my taste, and would rather recommend Chezideks Inna Di Road). But wonderful music, original riddims mostly, well produced and a lot of attentions to details. As far as I could hear S6R old Baltimore riddim was the only recut I hear on the Pressure album. But chances are I didn’ listen close enough.

Overall this was not a big recut year, which I think is good. Originals please!! But there were a few, rather unremarkable versions of Taxi, Cuss Cuss and Darker Shade Of Black by S&R, Baltimore by Don Corleon, Fade Away was recut, Every Tongue Shall Tell, Duck (as Sidewalk Duck), Baddis (as Bad Afternoon)… Also one of the most poplular roots tunes as was evident in the jamrid voting, Pressures Ghetto Live, which a done Vendetta/Corleon recut on S&R:s old Baltimore riddim.

Alboroise recut some old riddims, Guess Who Is Coming to dinner, and an old Eek-A-Mouse which name escapes me at the moment.

Clearly Alborosie has in a very short time become the second biggest artist on the international reggae scene (after Gentlemen), and rightly so. Although not all his tunes are flawless, an impressing number of them manages to catch that lost feeling of what I often refer to as “International Roots” – Black Uhuru, Ini Kamoze, Don Carlos, Yami Bolo, Junior Reid etc. And apparently this is a style that peoples still love.

Tune like Herbalist, Kingston Town, Police - Polizia, Life, Rastafari Anthem, Slam Bam, Sound Killa, Waan The Ting, Right Or Wrong is just a few example of 2007 tunes from Alborosie that make lover of traditional roots remember just how good traditional reggae can be.

On the other hand, people will call him a copy cat. Sure, the whole style, the approach, the phrasing, the lyrics, the riddims… nothing is new, that’s for sure. But on the other hand, looking at the current dancehall doesn’t show much originality either. Just one hundred of the same flavor (but more on that later).
Anyway, if you used to like International Roots but think you would like it because times has changed and it would sound dated – I’m sure you have a some real satisfying musical experiences to look forward too, just start by checking out Alborosies Kingston Town and take it from there.

Hmm… I got side tracked… Vendetta/Don Corelon and dancehall riddims it was. This one was very popular despite just a few, 4-5 versions. All of them are good though, which you can no say about 20 – 30 version releases like Da Genous riddims like Tremor, Powercut and Redbull & Guiness. Clearly Don Corleone has reach a stage in his career that the best producers sooner or later do (like Dave Kelly, Fattis, S&R) where quality gets more important then quantity.

And talking about quality, Assassin which this is, is by far the most consistent DJ around. Carefully selecting riddim, not over recording and always comes with good lyrics. You can be assured that if it is an Assassin tune it’s a quality tune, always.

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Wham allyuh fooking fuhget dem xhune...dasz de xhunes dat Bang out disz riddim

Comment by: GyanG5tuh From TNT Date: 2009-01-22

war is over!

Comment by: rus Date: 2008-04-22

dis riddim wicked to raas. toughness

Comment by: .mzz.versace. Date: 2008-02-05

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