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Church Heathen

Church Heathen is a Tony 'CD' Kelly. This was the best we got from the Kelly brothers this yeas. Tonys younger half-brother, Dave Kelly, is the real star of the two.

Dave Kelly only released one riddim this year as far as I know, the largely overlooked Overdrive. His riddims are always different, original, well crafted and always big hits. Let’s hope for loads of Dave Kelly riddims during 2008 instead.

But this was a nice one, and it wasn’t as big as it deserved either, but there is still life in this one so perhaps it is a little bit bigger, it’s popularity stretch into 2008…

This year brought Ninjaman back into the scene in a big way. And I can’t help to think that any musical genre that has people like Ninja just have to be interesting. In a dancehall world crammed with copies there isn’t much that only comes in one instance, but Ninja is Ninja and there is nothing else like him.

I guess no one is surprised that he can cause commotion and counteractions, and he has been around doing that for a while (with the Kartel Sting punching as the starting point of that), but this year he made a comeback in musical terms too, starting out in late 2006 with (among others) the tune Back In Town on Foundation where he proclaims his intentions to reclaim world domination of the dancehall scene. He was on a lot of riddims, but in line with his personality, it seems pretty much a coincidence on which riddims he appears. He doesn’t seem to work too hard to get on the hottest riddims, but on the other hand perhaps he doesn’t have to think to much in terms of career moves. Ninja is Ninja and as long as he doesn’t kill taxi drivers and get busted for drugs his career is going fine. While other artists has to make sure they hang out with the right people, are on the right riddim and the right performances, all Ninjaman has to do is to be successful is to make sure he’s on the same side of the prison bars as the rest of the dancehall industry.

Or perhaps it should be the _majority_ of the dancehall industry.

I had a good time this year with Ninjaman tunes such as A Ninja (500 mg), Another Man Girl (Chaos), The Pastor (Church Heathen), Water come a mi eye (Stage Time), Whe Dem A Go Do (One Up), Words of Gorgon (Wild West) and others.

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Comments (latest first):

Thi5 is fuCKiin dope siiyah...man disz chune just flowww so good man

bless up

Comment by: ???moda fukuhz want whar??? Date: 2009-01-22

dias riddim is a killa. dem haffi know. Trebo DJ seh so.

Comment by: Trebo DJ Date: 2008-05-13

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