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Blue Tooth

Blue Tooth is a Michael 'Liquid' Brissett production, who also produced French Vanilla 2003 (Assassin - Girls Gone Wild ) and last years popular 12 Gauge (Bounty Killer - Bullet).

Read some interesting comments recent regarding the fact that the DJ business is dominated by fewer and fewer DJ:s that lasts longer and longer. It’s a fact, with Sizzla, Bounty, Buju and in particular Beenie has been on top for a very long time. For those who remember, in the eighties and ninties a DJ that stayed on top for 3 years was almost considered a veteran. Sure, they where around and some of them are still, but few was hot for more then a couple of years. After a few hits they went back into the the grey herd of 13 in a dussin DJ:s. This is true even for Buju, Capleton and Bounty who where huge names a short while and then faded. In the case of Buju because he focused on an international career, but still. For Capleton this is extremely true as he came ups with the slackest tunes in the business and an extremely annoying style. This made him biggest a yard for a year but then everybody was just totally fed up with him and he was ice cold. (His change of style into a righteous bobo chanter and second rise to stardom is another story… ).

The question debated was of course if the fact that a few DJ:s dominate the scene for a long while is a sign of strength or weakness. Some claim it’s because no new DJ:s emerge because there aren’t any new ones around, the industry is for some reason failing to produce new talent. The idea is also that there is something in the reggae industry that keep new talented artists from breaking. Others say what we are seeing is an abundance of good DJ:s that has never been proceeded in the JA music history. Buju, Beenie, Bounty, Sizzla and Capleton are people with an extreme talent for DJ:ing. What we are looking at is an unique situation with so much talent at one point in time.

Personally I’m pretty sure what we are looking at is the latter, what we got at the moment is a unique situation, 4-5 top DJ:s with an extreme talents. It takes a lot for a newcomer to do better then Buju, Capleton and Beenie.

The main reason I believe this is the case is that with huge number of releases we see today, every DJ certainly get not one or two, but at least 10 to cut a tune on a hot riddim. But how often do a DJ come up with more then one or two good tunes over his 10 - 15 tries? Very seldom. Whereas Buju, Beenie, Sizzla, Assassin and Capleton manages to do great tunes in the majority of tries. (Bounty is another matter I believe, as people constantly points out, how can he be a superstar if he haven’t had a hit since Sufferah 5-6 years ago and all his current tunes are crap? Well, Bounty can it seems….)

The second reason for my view is that mediocre DJ:s like Mavado and Munga get _a lot_ of attention despite limited very limited talents compared to the greats. I’s ure they are nice guys and everything, but the hype around these two artist has been much bigger then they deserve. So you can’t say newcomers don’t get any attention, in fact it’s the other way around, the audience starve for new talented and hype everything the remotely resembles new talent the caliber of Beenieman and Capleton.

Now after this a lot of you are upset that I wrote this long piece without once mentioning Kartel, but I’ll come to that shortly….

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Blue Tooth

Comment by: Date: 2010-02-14

Full instrumental version

Comment by: Date: 2010-02-14

"squeeze har breast just like the trigger of my gun..."

movado dun dis riddim, but "tek f**k" by kartel is good too

Comment by: .mzz.versace. Date: 2008-02-05

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