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Guardian Angel

One of the biggest, perhaps the biggest, one drop of this year was Arif Coopers Guardian Angel. Arif Cooper has been in the business since early 2000 but have not had riddim as big as this as far as I can recall.

As a lover of singers, this year was a huge disappointment to me. Last year had a number of good one drops with wonderful tunes from young singers, in particular Nanko and Ranaco, but also Cezar, Jah Penco, Ginjah and Prestege. I was expecting one or two of these artists to break big this year, but no one did. Most of them didn’t release more then a couple of tunes, and the most talented of them all in my view, Ranaco, didn’t even release one tune!

I was in contact with Ranaco in the beginning of this year and advised him not to voice to too many tunes once his name got hot!! Which I was sure it would be very soon. A solid talent like him doesn’t have to flood the market, just keep a steady pace of quality releases and hell be in the business for 15 years, instead of sizzling hot for half a year and then gone. He thanked me for my advice and promised he would think about it…. :). I guess neither him nor me though we would be here a year later to and have to deal with the fact that not a tune had been released.

So there was my disappointment. But still I got to take the chance to promote his name a little more, after his releases on the Gibbo riddims. I’m still convinced Ranaco is one of the greatest talents we have seen in quite a while.

Talking about Gibbo and disappointments, there is another one. After crafting some of the most solid one drop riddims ever during 2005 and 2006 (Hard Times, Love Life, State Of Emergency) things has been completely quite during 2007. Perhaps this also explains Ranacos silence as they seem to have a close partnership. I posted a “what’s Gibbo up to?” question in few reggae forums to figure it out, but no one knew. None of their myspaces has been updated in a long while either….so if someone knows please drop a comment. I’ll se if I can get hold of Ranaco too…

But there weren’t only disappointments on terms of roots oriented singer reggae this year, there where some very nice surprises too and I’ll cover that elsewhere in this round up…

Traditional riddims to check out is Chalwah, Feel The One Drop, Higher Meditation, Gangster Law, Heavy Duty, Ashanti Warrior, Rastar, Time & Patience 2006, Ghetto Buiscit, Oneness and River Bed.

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Comments (latest first):

this track jus remind me of my ex lmfao.

Comment by: Date: 2009-10-23

i love dancehall

Comment by: Date: 2008-04-22

the best riddim ever. me ar love wat all di artist's did on de album.

Comment by: Date: 2008-03-07

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