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Chiney K

Another De Genious riddim. Is he dominating the dancehall scene ah wah!?!

As you may have noticed the number of riddims released is increasing year by year. You may wonder if there are buyers for all this music. The answer is definitely no. I would think fewer and fewer of the people coming up with the riddims and the money to voice them expect any return on their investment. There are a few producers with commercial goals, particularly in JA, but for the majority of producers outside JA itís a hobby thing. They build the riddims in their home studio, come up with some money to get JA artists to voice the riddims. With a little luck they may break even, but the chances that a producer like that has a big hit is almost zero, regardless of the quality of the riddim and the voicing.

This is the new business landscape for music, its not only in reggae and dancehall, itís the same in most genres. And not only musicÖ Iíve made one of the most appreciated reggae sites for more then 10 years, and have a software that is downloaded 40 times a day and has thousands of users (Soundman mp3 mixer) but Iíve never made a cent. On in the contrary, I literally pay for the site and making soundman available. So then why is it unfair that people making music donít make any money, but when I donít it itís nothing to complain about? TraditionÖ

The answer is twofold. Firstly because it used to be expensive to make, market and distribute music, very few did it, and they controlled the availability and the prices. Secondly because making music was a skill it took many years to learn. Neither of this is true anymore, so why should the old order remain? But the view that musicians should be able to live one their work lingers onÖ

Now donít get this wrong, Iím all for copyright. Iím against illegal downloading.

People confuse the facts regarding illegal downloading, so let me set it straight once and for allÖ: A creator of a piece of music (or a painting, or a web site, or a piece of bread) is entitled to set the price for anyone to use that. If Bounty Killer wants you to pay for listening to his tunes, and you donít, you stealing. There is no way around that fact. Heís the creator, itís his work, legally and morally, and heís entitled to keep it to himself, sell it or give it away. You are entitled to nothing.

Really, I have some difficulties to deal with peopleís stupidity when it comes to this, so, here is a clarification for the real stupidÖ

Itís not yours because if Bounty charges for the tune you would instead get your music from someone who gives away theirs. (Like itís not ok to walk into any store and take bread just because someone else is giving away bread.)

Itís not yours because someone else stole it and gave it to you (ďthanks for sharingĒÖ)

Itís not yours because you canít afford to pay for it.

And last but not leastÖ :Itís not yours just because it is easy to steal it.

If you steal your music anyway, at least be a man and admit it. Donít let us hear those lame excuses again.

However, as I predicted 8-7 years ago (check it itís in there somewhere), and is consider a common knowledge by now, the business case for recorded music is real week. Anyone can produce and distribute it these days, and in line with market logic, availability makes he price soar. (From a JA perspective itís like a crazy curse. The market value of everything JA have ever produced, from bananas to bauxite, has gone that way, and now itís even happening to music.)

However, if you want to do something for the real originators of the music, support them by going to a stage show or a dance. There is only one Elephantman, Ninja, Junior Reid or Frankie Paul. They canít be copied and stolen.

Or just step up to your favorite artist or producer, hand over $100 and say gracias senior. Thatís the decent thing to do, and the good thing is that you know the money doesnít end up with some record company which core business is distributing round plastic discs from one end of the world to another. In addition you might get a new friend.

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Comments (latest first):

I love the tune

Comment by: Date: 2010-04-30


Comment by: Date: 2009-03-10

Bad gal a beat di chiney k

Comment by: Mila A Date: 2008-12-20

lkyat ah spoil di bloodcloth riddim

Comment by: Date: 2008-10-05


Comment by: Date: 2008-09-12

i have a song on this beat come check it out www.myspace.com/lkyat

Comment by: Date: 2008-07-11

mad mad riddim. stephen did it again. di movado, aidonia and vybz kartel on dis riddim just mad!

Comment by: Date: 2008-05-03

wicked riddim

Comment by: Date: 2008-03-03

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