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Drop Draws

Have you noticed that that there aren’t any batty bwoy tunes around anymore? In fact, I can’t remember to have heard one in all year.

So the battles is over.

The the tuffer then though, gun blazing, bomboclaating, shotta rudebwoy of the JA ghettos lost.

The old testament righteous bobo dreads reasoning and drumming inna bobo hill lost.

Sizzla, Bounty, Capleton and Beenie lost.

The fags won.

Rupaul won. The cross dressers won. You know the guy with the high pitch voice, the girly gestures and the tight pants in that TV show where they remake people? He won.

Truth hurts.

(Yeah, yeah, ok, I find this incredibly funny, sorry about this… but it’s just … soooo funny. What happend to “Rasta nah apologize”? Was that just… CHEAP TALK??!!! HOLLO GYOW? Anyone….? )

This is as far as any one dared to go down the batty bwoy ally this year – gal should not dress like man, Future Fambo (nice name!!!)

Production from Leftside & Esco, whose recut of the old bogle riddim Giggy/Mama you may remember

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Comments (latest first):

this riddim is kind of kool

Comment by: Date: 2009-06-20

what??? LOL there are still plenty tunes out there! The fags won on a political level but the tunes are still out there! LOL @ the fags won! hahaa that was funny tho...

Comment by: Date: 2008-07-31

Selecta, plenty of battyman tunes out there from the last year. Check Dr Evil "my name" or Sizzla on the Anger management

Comment by: Commissioner Date: 2008-02-18

i love dis riddim...the chune by kiprich and leftside is nice...

Comment by: .mzz.versace. Date: 2008-02-05

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