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If artist of the year 2007 was Movado, Munga Honorable was not far behind.

I’m not that impressed by Munga, but on the other hand the competition is fierce, with quality DJ:s like Kartel, Movado, Busy, Bounty, Beenie on the same riddims.

What is nice with Munga is to se a DJ with a little more roots/reality oriented style then the kaboom-ing dancehall DJ:s, yet without the Sizzla styled throat singing that is the rule for that type of JD:s. The problem is that his sound is a bit anonymous, yo may like his tunes, but hes far from easily recognizable, so you may not even know it’s him. Despite that, the fact is that he has released some of the most well received tunes this year, again, probably only Movadeo has the upper hand on him. Just check the JAMRID voting for evidence.

A word on Movado… And talk about easily recognizable sound! His tune has been the most popular in the dance this year and he is definitely artist of the year. His Long player was also well received. What surprised me what that there where no cross over action. I was convinced at least one of his tunes would be picked up by the masses the same way Vegas, Matterhorn and Beenie been previously. Particularly considering the “novelty act” hit potential of his unique style. But I’m pretty sure it will happen this year, a large crossover hit by Movado is bound to happen….

Last a few words on Kartel. On one hand he is lyrically the most accomplished DJ ever in dancehall history. The only DJ:s I think can compete is Lieutenant Stichie and perhaps Papa San (but that’s a different thing, those guys didn’t record more then a few songs a month at most and could put much more attention to each lyric.) On the other hand he has no skills for creating hooks what so ever. Where artists like Vegas and Capleton comes up with sparse lyrics (to put it nicely) but a distinct hooks on almost all songs, Kartel manages to craft dense and complex lyrics, but never any melodies or lines that sticks. It puzzles me, because can it really be that difficult? And compared to what is said before, that Movado has 100% crossover potential due to his unique

Sativa is a Donovan 'Vendetta' Bennett / Don Corelon production.

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MEhhhhh Baddd FroooMM Meh Bornnnn


Comment by: Rasta Man Date: 2008-12-22

the bad from me bornnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn bullet bullet!!!!!!!

Comment by: RR Date: 2008-02-12

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