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Sly Dunbar riddim from -92, featured on the exellent The Gangster riddimalbum.


:-) Selecta

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Comments (latest first):

wicked riddim

Comment by: curtis Date: 2009-08-25

nice beat like it

Comment by: Mad Max Date: 2007-06-14


Comment by: garren Date: 2007-05-12

wicked site

Gangster Riddim-Gitsy-Hitman.mp3

wicked riddim

Comment by: Date: 2006-12-28

wicked site

Gangster Riddim - Gitsy - Hitman

wicked riddim

Comment by: Date: 2006-12-28

best riddim of ever, on "sinbad production", by anthony redrose.1992

Comment by: mons Date: 2006-08-28

One of my favorite cd-- Gangster meets the Pitch

Comment by: Date: 2006-04-06

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Anthony MalvoAll Fruits RipeGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Anthony RedroseJammy's A Di Gangster (Jammys Dubplate)Gangster~1992-94King JammyJammys
Anthony RedroseThe GansterGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Apachie ScrachieGirls Look GoodGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Apachie ScrathieGirls look goodGangsterSindbadSindbad
Daddy WoodyBuck And BiteGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Daddy WoodyBuck and biteGangsterSindbadSindbad
Ed RobinsonRudieGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Fragga RanksMy Heart BeatGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Fragga RanksMy heartbeatGangsterSindbadSindbad
GitsyHitmanGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
GitsyThe hitmanGangsterSindbadSindbad
Glen RicksGive LoveGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Gospel FishBrush demGangsterSindbadSindbad
Gospel FishBrush ThemGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Hamilton, PrillyNight doctorGangsterSindbadSindbad
Herbie & Gitsy SlyPower Of LoveGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Little Meeki & Daddy MeekiMove Like You ShouldGangsterBigbeat
Little MeekyMove like you shouldGangster1992SindbadBigBeat
Malvo, AnthonyAll fruits ripeGangsterSindbadSindbad
Oneil ShinesSomewhere Over The RainbowGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Poison ChangBorderlineGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Poison ChangBorderlineGangsterSindbadSindbad
Prilly HamiltonNight DoctorGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Red Rose, AnthonyGangsterGangster1999A. CameronMAS
Red Rose, AnthonyJammy's a di gangsterGangster1986TubbyDubplate
Ricks, GlenGive loveGangsterSindbadSindbad
Robinson, EdRudeyGangsterSindbadSindbad
Shines, o'NeilOver the rainbowGangster1994P.SmartSindbad
Sly, Herbie & GitsyPower of LoveGangster1994TaxiSindbad
Sugar BlackLift Up YourselfGangster1992Captain SinbadSinbad
Sugar BlackLift up yourselfGangsterSindbadSindbad
Daddy ScrewGhetto LifeGangster's AnthemMad House
Louie CultureRevolution SongGangster's AnthemMad House
Terror FabulousGangster's anthemGangster's anthemKelly, D.Madhouse
Terror FabulousGangster's AnthemGangster's AnthemMad House
Junior ReidStop the bus and fightGangster's paradise1993J.R.JS-21
Daddy ScrewGhetto LifeGangsters Anthem1994Dave 'Rude Boy' KellyMad House
Donovan SteeleRed EyeGangsters Anthem1994Dave 'Rude Boy' KellyMad House
Louie CultureBogus BadgeGangsters Anthem1993Dave 'Rude Boy' KellyMad House
Louie CultureRevolution SongGangsters Anthem1994Dave 'Rude Boy' KellyMad House
Louie CultureRevolution SongGangsters Anthem1994Mad House
Terror FabulousGangster's AnthemGangsters Anthem1994Dave 'Rude Boy' KellyMad House
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