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Wash Belly

Every year I take the opportunity to add a riddim or two that I think deserves greater attention. This year I even made a small section with a number of those riddims.

However, I'd still like to add a special entry on Gibbo's Wash Belly even though it wasn't that big in terms of recognition. Partly because it's a great riddim, and partly to get a chance to highlight one of the most talented producers that has emerged in a very, very long time.

As far as I can see his productions to date only consist of 4 riddims... but what riddims!! And what cuts!! These are the riddims : Love Life, Wash Belly, Hard Times and State Of Emergency. You'll find them all here in JAMRID if you look around.

As you know, and I have mentioned elsewhere, Gibbo is the son of legendary producer Joe Gibbs. Joe Gibbs himself was creator of some classic riddims such as Boxing (Cornell Campbell), Rope In (Cornell Campbell), Should I (Dennis Brown) and How Could I Live (Dennis Brown). Here is a brief list of Joe Gibbs productions.

It looks like Gibbo is working with his father engineer, veteran Errol 'ET' Thompson, which may explain a few things.

I'm a but unsure about his involvement in the "Them Haffi Get A Beaten" cut cuts on the Rocky Gibbs label, but perhaps that's his work too. Nice cut.

Checking out Gibbos Myspace is highly recommended, as it contains an unknown riddim!! If it's a future release or some one off is unclear, but it's another extremely well crafted roots riddim. And not only that, the "Gibbo artist" Ranaco does yet another incredible tune. Click on the Nah Run Well tune and enjoy yet another Gibbo riddim, modern roots at it's very very best!

"Music is a mission not a competition"...

Anyway, Wash Belly is another great Gibbo riddim, pure killer versions, with This cut - Ranoco 60 Queens - being the real topper. Tune of the year for me personally… whooye.. more on Ranaco elswhere in this roundup.

It's going to be interesting to se what will follow...

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Comments (latest first):

Dis sexy right hea hees voice make meh wet

Comment by: Date: 2007-09-05

Disya tune a pure murda!!!I an I Jamaican people need fi hear nuff,nuff melodious tunes like a dis oneya!Cyant tek too much more "pantee rot"tune,same old ra,ra,ra nuhting positive an good fi seh,Reeeeeewind I seelekta an come again Rasta,blessings from the King!!1

Comment by: Ras Niels Zebulun McQueen Date: 2007-06-12


Comment by: Date: 2007-05-15

this song playing right now iz my new favorite =]

Comment by: Date: 2007-03-22

very cool conscious riddim although it sounds a bit like mineral riddim from 2k4

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-14

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