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Street Swing

This is Street Swing, definitely one of the best one drops of the year, but a riddim this was partly lost in the flood of similar riddims, despite that this stands tall over the most of the rest. There where quote some enthusiasm when this was released, just check this thread.

Well, while we are on the subject of singers…: what are the singers to watch out for in the coming years? I’m glad to say there are quite a bunch of young promising singers around, here are some in particular to keep an eye (and ear) on:
Cezar (Hello World on Hard Times),
Jah Penco (Your Goals on I Swear),
Ginjah (Theif Say, Beres protege'),
Prestege (I Am Blessed)
Nanko (been quiet this year, but he's just gearing up. Recording what looks to be a long player for Down Sound. Check his Myspace site for some good new tunes, Loco Amore and From Ever Since is just wonderful, fully up to par with Lucky You.)

Talented youths all of them, but then then we have this youth by the name of Ranaco who deserves a little bit more then just a mention, so here it goes....:

The real star feh deh future is a youth named Ranaco. (and remember where you read this first - JAMRID again!!!) Yes, Ranaco, memba dat! His string of tunes for Gibbo (60 Queens on Wash Belly, Give It To You on State Of Emergency, Babylon A Fraud on Love Life, Kingfish on Affi Get a Beatin and Nah Run Well) are all fantastic. And that’s about it, I’ve only heard two other tunes from him in all.

Never heard of him? Go here and you will never forget him:

And here is another one (youth pon de right is our man):

Check it, da youth ya can sing, dance and roll a spliff! Simultaniously! Now… THAT is talent!! (Well, it seems he never get that roll a weed together, but still… props for trying :) )

Considering that there are singers like these above around it's a mystery producers are voicing all those untalented bobo dread singers just because they are hanging out with Capleton and Sizzla.

And 2007 may be the year Jah Cure is released; he should have some killer tunes inna him, feh true...

The focus on riddims instead of performers has made it very difficult for singers to establish themselves these days. The only way to get recognition is voice on popular riddims. The problem is that in the long run isn't a very good way to build a lasting career, because once you get to a certain level you need to release an album to get further. And what do you have then? Tunes everyone has heard. And if you step off the scene to record a full album of new songs they got to be pretty fantastic to be better then the tunes you have already cut on the top of the top riddims. It's pretty much mission impossible to come up with a long player that won't be a disappointment. Really the only way is to find a brand new audience outside reggae that don't hear your 7" but only get exposed to the albums. Sean Paul and Tanya Stephens is pretty much the only ones today, perhaps Jah Cure has a good chance of getting there. Of those who never seem to get out of this problem, Wayne Wonder really stands out and the prime example. Despite international hits, he's still voicing riddims, and even though his albums are really good, they doesn't reach all the way it seems.

This Street Swing ting is a Byron Murry/ In The Streetz production, known for producing tunes with Mr. Vegas. He's more known for modern sound (Bollywood, X-treme, Crash riddim), but this shows he can do a wicked one drop when required. In addition to this he released another One Drop Called Mo Bay that did reach nowhere despite being quite nice. Dito Hot Wuk, but that was an uptempo riddim.

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Comments (latest first):

whos singing on this song please, Konshens
or wat?.....the one singing...dont make a
dutty nigga,come draw u out

Comment by: Date: 2010-09-10

Nice Riddim with a hip hop swing!

Comment by: Yvette-USA Date: 2007-03-15

Ranoco, dah yout yah us wicked!

Comment by: Marcus Date: 2007-01-26

Mo Bay riddim instrumental, also from In The Streetz. Real nice to:

Comment by: :-) Selecta Date: 2007-01-19

Ranaco... yeman, thanks for the tip. Wiiiicked tunes...

Memba wey you mention Jah Cure as a future star long time ago... and that happend... let se if your right again...

Thanks Selecta, keep it up.

(More foundation riddims would be nice, where is Love Bump, Money Money, Cherry? )

Comment by: Yaddalong Date: 2007-01-15

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