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Stage Show

Another great Dave Kelly riddim. This riddim shows why people rate him - he is inventive, comes up with original styles! The riddim is doesn't sound like any other riddim this year, you could even say there isn't anything in the same genre of riddims, and yet everyone loves it immediately.

Some say it's a Joy Ride part two, and there are similarities, but it's far from a riddim return, but it's true it's a new riddim in the same genre and with a similar feel as Joy Ride.

At the time of writing only a 4 - 5 versions has been released, but considering the limited number of 85 version this is probably all we will get. As with 85, the artists featured are fairly unknown. It seems Kelly have ambitions to build these artist longer term. The exception to this rule though is an interesting surprise – Pinchers. Pinchers has been around for almost 20 years now. Although he keeps releasing good tunes every know and then he has not even com close to the popularity of his early works for Jammys and Fattis, most notably the tunes Agony and Lift It Up Again from the 80-ties. In addition, Kelly has not a history of voicing Pinchers other then occasionally, so it's interesting to se Pincher on two of Kellys latest riddims, 85 and Stage Show. Pinchers cuts are also the best on the riddims, and on Stage Show he even got two cuts, one solo and one combination.

This is the Pinchers solo cut.

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Comment by: plucciguacY bda11c599e9e1-- Date: 2008-08-22

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Comment by: Jaisutuania 55d4a2a03318b-- Date: 2008-08-17

Assasin kills dis tune, the others are good but still dont come close
I spent a year searchin just to get a copy on 45, well worth it!

Comment by: Padraig Date: 2007-12-14


Comment by: brizio Date: 2007-03-28

that pinchers tune,crazy

Comment by: the m@ster Date: 2007-02-27

yeah this one is tough,bigup to baby cham on this riddim.nice vibe on this riddim.

Comment by: the m@ster Date: 2007-01-28

Nice, nice nice.

Comment by: s Date: 2007-01-26

Baby Cham tunee is bigg on this riddim and my own favourite Tony Marterhorn ft Richie Feelings tunee!!

Comment by: Real McCoy Date: 2007-01-23

big up dave kelly straight but rasta de riddim just too slow and a little boring to tell ya di trute.Safe all di while dough Bless

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-14

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