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Produced by Damani 'DJ Karim' Thompson, Inspector is a slightly disguised recut of Dave Kellys classic Bounce riddim. At least in my ears. Well.... it's a bit to similar to be a coincidence. T.O.K who had a cut on the original Bounce also has a cut on this riddim, and its called... Bounce! So I don't think I'm the only one that has noticed the similarity. Nice choice of riddim to version though, and it was very popular.

Speaking of that, on the recut side there where a lot of releases this year, but almost none of interest. A lot of producers was aiming to redo the success Leftside and Esco had with their recut of the old bogle riddim Mama as Throw Back Giggy. Already last year saw a number of recuts of late 80-ties early 90-ties riddims, none of them really successful, and the flow continued this year with pretty much the same result.

Some classics was also recut, many of them under new names which is really confusing. Among them where:
Mud Up
Taxi Return
Cuss Cuss (two versions, one from S&R)
I Love King Selassie
Johnny Too Bad (Digital B)
Real Rock (like almost every year)
Queen Majesty
Revolution (The Dennis Brown Revolution riddim)
Bounce (in the form of Inspector)
Darker Shade Of Black (S&R)
Street Sweeper (in the form of XXL)
Youths and Youths

I'm sure there where many others. No Sleng Teng, Tempo or Stalag though as far as I know.

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Comments (latest first):

this was very good

Comment by: samantha williams Date: 2007-08-20

8 Ball, compare yourself

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-26

Sizzla Mi Nah Rape is mashin up di clubs and Busy Signal High tunee is bigg not forget Uptown Story!!

Comment by: Real McCoy Date: 2007-01-23

not a bad riddim but again like red bull & guiness,ghetto whisky and 12 guage it sounds close to some other riddims namely sweat 2k5,tropical storm 2k6/foundation/gully 2k6,bad breed and most of all 100 watts

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-14

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