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High Altitude

Not often do the hottest DJ come together in a combination tune, but when it happens it's seldom the bomb that you would expect. However, this Bounty/Kartel combination is wicked!!

Wonderful DJ:ing on by both artist, especially and as usual from Kartel. Kartel is definitely the most technically skilled DJ in the business, although he doesn't have the hooks that makes the hits. Neither do Bounty by the way, same thing, none of them delivers those catchphrases that sticks very often.

Production by Don Corelen / riddim, that has a much better effort with this then with Fondation.

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Comments (latest first):

Занимаюсь дизайном и хочу попросить автора www.jamrid.com отправить шаьлончик на мой мыил) Готов заплатить...

Comment by: somiabs Date: 2008-10-15

You're right, Selecta. It seems the top artists never come together. I'm starting to wonder what it would sound like if Sean Paul & Sizzla did a collaboration.

Comment by: therealnick Date: 2007-08-19

Munga done dis riddim!!

Comment by: MistaC Date: 2007-04-21

Bounty and kartel together...too much!!!
they killed it...also love voicemails lets dance...
Big riddim 2006...

Comment by: N5EKO Date: 2007-03-15

Man what a combination !! two wicked artists artists ova one top 2006 riddim !! Toooooooo mighty , watch ya ears!!!

Comment by: AK47 RUDEBOY Date: 2007-02-12

This riddim was 1 of the craccest riddims 2 be made.Cartel -n- Killer went in on this riddim, and I like that break it off wit Rihanna -n- Sean Paul

Comment by: T-Y Date: 2007-02-04

bounty/kartel wicked

Comment by: Date: 2007-02-04

Mi love that riddim yah...it bad like ah yaazz...Don Careleon me's a Dj up inna Canada and mi would love fi jump pon some ah yo riddim dem si zi...check out mi material pon www.myspace.com/vursitile seen!! Raspect..

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-25

Vybes Kartel ft Bounty leader of Alliabnce and also Voicemail's tunee big on this riddim!!

Comment by: Real McCoy Date: 2007-01-23

r u crazy?? no other genre of music has the type of punch that a real dancehall riddim has (like this one)... this is not one of my favorite don production, but it hav nuff flow still, and all di chune dem pon it mad so it a gwaan. it's hottttt!! full a vibes!!! the track ur listenin to here is in a bad format so dnt judge it like dat.. anyways, check out my riddims, am trying:

www . versionist . com/members/drg.html

Comment by: **DrG** Date: 2007-01-23

ah wa niice riddim dis one.. definate.. haffi big up MUNGA fi deh pan dis one.. flippin rhymes is a haad chune...

aka Da TT Princess

Comment by: BobbyGyal Date: 2007-01-20

this is a cool riddim to vybe with.big up to kartel,voicemail and sean paul on the riddim.

Comment by: the m@ster Date: 2007-01-17

Yo this Riddim is a Dancehall, but it has that uptempo Pop twist in it.

Comment by: Aaron Date: 2007-01-14

i agree wid di first comment in a way but to me it sound like a fair attempt to mek a next jonkanoo

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-14

Terrible riddim. Dis nuh dancehall bwoy. Dis a pop chune! Why ya rass...

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-12

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