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A few words on the on drop trend...

Who would think Corleones Drop Leaf riddim would be the start of such a huge trend The last two years those swooping one drops somewhere between root, lovers rock and dancehall has been domination reggae. Last year had it's share of great one drops, the top ones being Sweet Sop and the magnificent Rose Apple.

This year there are literally hundreds of riddim of this kind, and thousands of version on them.

What is the reason for the success of these riddims, and why is this such a successful concept at this point in time?

I think the main reason is that these riddims hit the least common denominator by reggae and dancehall fans. That anyone likes a well built one drop is no new, but the exact positioning between roots, lovers and dancehall is really the trick. "Bitter sweet" is the key work here. Roots has always offered heavy riddims, dancehall the more accessible stuff and lovers the sugar (and just about to much of that for all others then the bits and the Jamaican "grown up" audience.) If you look at the riddims that has been most successful you will notice that what they have is that perfect balance, rough but not too dreary, accessible but not plain, sweet but not too sugary.

A second thing is the fact that these riddims suits most performers. Traditional roots singers like Luci, Jah Cure and Ras Shilo, soul oriented singes like Richie Stephens and Lukie D, lovers specialists like Sanches, roots DJ:s like Turbulence and Sizzla... they all blend nicely with these riddims, despite the fact that there vocal styles are profoundly different. So not only are the style of the riddim something most people can appreciate chances are pretty good you'll find you favourite artists doing killer performances over them. The only ones that has some problems to cope are the hardcore dancehall DJ:s like the Beenies, Bountys and Bujus. Although many of them are struggling with this. Who would ever think you'll hear Bounty croon a lovers over a one drop as he did over Drop Leaf? You may or may no like that particular tune, but the fact is that the rule of thumb is that they fail, the dancehall DJ:s alway has the worst version on the one drops. Check it - it's true for 90% of the one drops. However, there are exceptions too. Here is a list of wonderful DJ versions on one drops:

Assassin - God Nah Sleep (Cry Baby)
Sean Paul - Never Gonna Be The Same (Seasons, really the biggest tune on this riddim internationally
Shaggy - My Cry (Sweet Sop
Roundhead - Maruana/Hempire (Rose Apple)
Bounty - It's OK (Drop Leaf)

However, doing this little assessment just confirms the above, there are many terrible DJ versions no one drops...

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Comments (latest first):

yes I! danzééérééé fé plan a mwin ^^

Comment by: rudboy974 Date: 2010-02-13

yes I! danzééérééé fé plan a mwin ^^

Comment by: rudboy974 Date: 2010-02-13

disz meh favorite lovers rock riddim ever...

Comment by: Date: 2009-01-22

check out myspace dot com slash jabamanmusic

Comment by: jabaman Date: 2007-12-20


Comment by: dom Date: 2007-10-27

This Riddim Is The Best Riddim To Me. The Munga Reminds Me Of Mi Female. This Riddim Mash It Up And Will Be A Favorite For Years To Come.

Comment by: $tr!ct1y Bu$!ne$$ Date: 2007-05-15

Richie Spice mash this riddim up by a mile. His version definately get the girls dem wet. Trust me I know!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by: JP Date: 2007-03-12

THIS RIDDIM WAS MADE IN HEAVEN FO REAALLLLL!! BIG TUNEE!! (go check out the one with "Munga")

Comment by: MaRoCaNa* Date: 2007-03-02

I agree this tune was a true killa!When I first heard it (brown Skin) It took me a week to get it since nobody knew what I was talking about.

Comment by: King65 Date: 2007-02-08

this riddim is heavenly

Comment by: Date: 2007-02-07

dis ah d riddim fi mass wid.. jus fi b wid di guvi ;) Alaine & Richie Spice doin dem tings on dis one... 06 fave dis one ya

aka Da TT Princess

Comment by: BobbyGyal Date: 2007-01-20

don corleon records the did again with the heavenly riddim.bigup to alaine on that heavenly song. also bigup capleton, bigup to morgan heritage on blessin the riddim, and can't forget about richie spice with that BROWN SKIN song.

Comment by: the m@ster Date: 2007-01-16

Extra nice riddim,no fillers on dis one...my top 4 are Alaine,Capleton,Gentleman and of course Morgan Heritage.
Richie and voicemail also have good chunes

Comment by: Deedza Date: 2007-01-13

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