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Dem Time Deh

Another popular riddim, from steady hit makers Leftside and Esco, the riddim ended up number four in the JAMRID votings.

Speaking of that, here are the results of the JAMRID voting this year:
JAMRID Riddim of the year 2006 voting

The votes are taken from the JAMID voting and a thread in DHR board, in total 760 votes, on top riddim, top modern tune and top classic tune.

Riddim of the year is clearly Smash with nuff space to the second place where we find Redbull & Guiness. Then again quite some space before a whole batch of powerful modern riddims sharing the third place.

Interesting to notice is that the top one drop riddim is in place is in 12:th place (Mystic) and the next on in place 16 Confessions. Remember that last year the one drop Seasons was the clear winner, and other one drops like Sweet Sop and Istanbul was top rated. Two years ago it was Drop Leaf. But I don't think this is a trend away from the one drops. To an extent I think it depends on the profile of the voters (especially the DHR voters) tend to be more oriented to dance riddims, but I think the main fact is that there where so many one drops this year – everyone found it's own favourite which made the votes spread thin.

Tune of the year – modern:

The winner is clearly Dutty Wine from Matterhorn. Apart from Sean Pau's tunesl that was the only tune this year that really reached out into the pop/billboard world. Looks like Movado Morrow Will Fly and Cham Ghetto Story is second but far behind Matterhorn.

Tune of the year – one drop and roots:

Not many votes, but it looks like Chuck Fenders Gash Dem is the winner. Gyptian Beatiful Lady, Collie Budz Come Around are the runners up but not even close to Fenders tune. There where not that many votes in this category, and I think it shows that there wasn't really a hit the size of Ganja Farmer, Longing For, Can't Satisfy Her etc. in this category this year.

JAMRID Riddim of the year 2006 voting
Votes casted: 760

Position - Riddim - Votes

1 - Smash - 42

2 - Red Bull & Guiness -32

3 - Sidewalk University - 24

4 - Dem Time Deh - 23

5 - Foundation /Tropical Storm - 23

6 - Gully Slime - 21

7 - High Altitude - 19

8 - Ghetto Whiskey - 17

9 - Show Off - 17

10 - Power Cut - 16

11 - Anger Management / Angrier - 15

12 - Mystic - 15

13 - Stage Show - 15

14 - Inspector - 13

CLick here for the full voting results:
JAMRID Riddim of the year 2006 voting

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Comments (latest first):

este ritmo dem time deh es lo mejor, excelente, no hay palabras

Comment by: Date: 2008-05-21

Este ritmo es lo mejor, demasiado bueno, exelente no hay palabras, mis repetos

Comment by: Date: 2008-05-21

hgce cayu loxceu ayvjfd zmkrcea iqoz nbju

Comment by: dqxh csuxr Date: 2008-02-20


Comment by: ghfghf Date: 2007-07-19

This is my voting:

1. Show Off Riddim
2 Black Operation
3. Anger/Angrier Management
4. Redbull and Guiness
5. Power Cut
6. Hot Wuk
7. Virus
8. Taxi riddim
9. Global
12.Dem Time Deh

Comment by: Real McCoy Date: 2007-01-23

Movado is on another level. Idonia Ukku bit, Elephant Mn Gal Bruk and Vbyes Kartel No No No big tunees

Comment by: Real McCoy Date: 2007-01-23

i hate dis riddim i tink leftside and esco could do much betta and as fa anger/angrier management dat dun wid since 2k4

Comment by: Date: 2007-01-14

come on - angrier management riddim deserve to be way to the top of that list- top riddim

Comment by: Sasha Date: 2007-01-13

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